Oregon Magazine

Decanting with Delkin
Editor's Fall From Grace
Creates Warning for All

   {Ormag editor Fred Delkin is producing this new feature as a service and warning  to
our readers ... we recently got arrested for venturing the wrong way into a one way street
in Portland and blew a 0.13 for the police}

   In December 2010, Oregon's traffic regulations underwent a dramatic change that made penalties for
alcohol or drug-impaired driving infinitely more stringent and expensive. We can attest to tdhat!  Consider
that we'll forfeit 12 months driving privileges, end up spending several thousand dollars in fees for vehicle
impoundment, state/county-required lectures and counseling fees and will ttend DMV and Circuit Court
sessions...to say nothing of a brief sojourn in the county drunk tank.

Read up, Oregonians...our state ranks among the nation's top 10 in alcohol and drug-impaired driving
arrests.  Wisconsin and North Dakota lead the ranks.  Nationwide the United States accounts for no less than
30.7 million DUII arrests(2009 figure)...30.4 per day at aq cost of $50 billion/year.  Utah and Mississippi
have the soberest statistics.  Note that impaired driving after dark represents 61% of arrests, with over 50%
occurring on weekends.

Statistical research of numerous sources reveals that white, educated adults are by far the most frequent
offenders...fitting dear readers, the majority profile of the Ormag audience

Everyone who has had a few sips of a fermented beverage andc drove should attend the "Victims Impact
Panel" conducted by "Trauma Nurses Talk Tough."  Here, you hear testimony by impaired drivers who
narrowly escaped death (or caused it for someone else) and suffer from permanent personal injuy from
self-caused accidents.  These narratives are accompanied by shocking color photos of crahscenes and
emergency medical teatment for victims.  Attendance is mandatory for DUII offenders, and should be!

This author cringes at rememberance of th decades we've fueled our thirst with beer, wine and mixed drinks
and then piloted a potentially fatal weapon!  We've lost a former employee and close friend who drqnk to
excess and piloted his Harley into oblivion on a Washington county rural byway. 

Your brain may tell you that you're rendered bulletproof by strong drink, but the opposite is true.  We will report in this space in our next issue on personal experiences and published accounts that underline the fact that
enforcement of DUII laws is more severe in most nations than here in the USA (even with Oregon's now
ramped up regulations).

Sobriety and seat belts for all who party and propel a vehicle!

© 2011 Fred Delkin