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Decanting with Delkin 
Oregon's Wine Success
Attracts Houston Investor

By Fred Delkin

Oregon's international reputation for producing superb wines has spawned yet another
winery investment from afar. Dr. Madiah Revana, a Houston-based cardiologist, has expanded
his passion for producing notable vintages with his establishment of Alexana Winery in the
Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley. He first invested in the Revana Family Vineyards in the
Napa Valley in 1997, which produces a Bordeaux red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet
Franc & Petit Verdot. Oregon's Alexana site is named for Dr. Revana's daughter and the 80
acres are being developed with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vineyards.

Dr. Revana grew up in a farming family near Bangalore, India. He studied both medicine and the
science of oenology in Europe before emigrating to the USA. He sees wine as "symbolizing
life, love and health." As a cardiologist, Dr. Revana believes that "moderate daily consumption"
defined as "a glass or two a day, especially red wine, results in significant health benefits." We
can certainly endorse the good doctor's philosophy!

He has placed his U.S. production trust in female winemakers. The Revana holding in Napa
employs the experienced services of Heidi Peterson Barrett, a Napa native with an established
reputation for creating collectable Cabernet Sauvignons with her own label, La Sirena, and for
other small Napa producers that include Barbour, Dalle Valla, Paradigm, Screaming Eagle, Grace
Family and Jones Family labels.

Dr. Revana has followed his stated policy of acting as a managing vintner by hiring Lynn Penner-
Ash to locate his Oregon site and craft its output. Lynn Penner-Ash, a UC Davis graduate,
apprenticed at Napa's Stag's Leap before joining Oregon's Rex Hill as a winemaker and
eventually President. She began her own Willamette Valley property with husband Ron in 2002
and has earned prominent awards for her Pinot Noirs.

"Doing something superbly well" is Dr. Revana's stated goal in both medicine and wine
productiion. He says he stresses quality above all else, and his wines seem to match up to that
goal. The very limited production of his 9 Napa acres is "available by allocation only." The
Oregon Alexana operation has an office and tasting room at 116 W. Main St. In Carlton and
tasting and sales are open Thursday-Sunday, 11-5. The web site: www.Alexanawinery.com.

Alexana offers Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris bottlings, with 2006 vintages currently available. A
2007 vintage will be released this coming fall.

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