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12/2/2011: National Unemployment "drops" to 8.6% (Because 300,000 more Americans stopped looking for work.)

How To Tell Your Left From Your Right
by Larry Leonard
  (Last revise on December 9)

(Some recent news x-links)

Putin warns West as he launches presidential bid...   (x-link from Drudge on 11/28)  Communist Bluster.  I suspect that having taken the largest country on the planet from the Czars, most of
whom were related by marriage to colorfully-dressed and party-loving European monarchies, the Russians
became outcasts due to fashion.  The fundamental difference between a communist nation and your average
ancient monarchy is, after all, the clothes the leaders wear. (See "Invisible Crown" below, next to the teepee.) 
It is hard to build a tactical nuclear submarine with a hammer and a sickle.  For years I spelled "peasant,"
pheasant, in an attempt to help the descendants of Lenin and Stalin in the fashion area.  Cheer them up, a bit. 
Why New York Jews support the Left after watching Fiddler on the Roof is beyond me.  (LL) 

Colin Powell Blames Media, Tea Party for Divisive Tone in Washington...
 (x-link from Drudge on 11/28)  Yes, of course.  This is the second time it has happened in America.  The first
divisive tone was about a tax on tea.  (LL)

Britain draws up emergency plans for collapse of Euro...
    (x-link from Drudge
on 11/28)  Barney Frank is leaving Congress to become the King of Holland, and will use tried and true socialist economic policies to save Europe from pending economic reforms, like ceasing to live on their credit cards.
All western Euro nation flags will be colored pink. (LL)

Speaking of Frank: 
Frank 17th House Dem to Bolt...
Maxine Waters set to take over on powerful committee...

(New original byline stuff)

Some of you have doubts about what is happening in our schools:
Oregon Teacher Reveals
Flaws in Our Education

A book review by Fred Delkin

What do you get for your school taxes?
What do the kids fail to learn?
What should be done about this problem?
What will happen if this isn't fixed?

Education analysis from the OrMag archives:
The Hispanic Education Myth
Who's Sodomizing who?
by Art Hyland, Contributing Editor

Related economic piece, for clarification, from our archives:
BHO's road map for economic disaster explained
At last: How FDR Did it ...

Liberal Violence Rising
by Matt Barber

Seared Lightly (update)
Trader Vic's Revival
Titillates PDX Diners
Crater Lake Could Swallow the Empire State Bldg. 
Or, the Empire State Bldg. could swallow Oregon ... 
What if your car broke down a hundred
miles from the nearest help, and your cell phone went

(below: an item from last month, held over because it was posted after the first week)
In the colorful militaristic-speak of football, we now present ...
America's Long Bomb                                                 
(Teepee graphic at left is a hotlink)
A Must read below:
The Tea Parties vs. the Invisible Crown
What the Hell is Going On?  Why is the U.S. so "divided?"

'For Wearing 'Tea Party' Bracelet'...

The Tea Parties: a series
Tea Party Beginnings and Endings

Tea Party For Two
Oregon Tea Party Links
(Repaired/Updated 12/6/2011)

Delkin on driving:
(multi-part series about drinking)
#1: Editor's Fall From Grace
#2: New Oregon DUII Regs 
Tough, but Worse Abroad

#3: Consider the Costs of
Driving when Drunk

Consider Alternatives to
Driving After Drinking

#5: It Took A While, But Now Sobriety is Welcome!

Impaired Driving Creates
Utterly Foolish Gambling

Pigskin Pete:   
Pac12 Sending Seven
Teams to Bowl Game
Fun with Science:        (top items are x-links)
NASA Spacecraft Discovers Planet Orbiting 2 Suns,
Just Like Star Wars...
     Will a famous Conservative Astronomer (name witheld)
now hiding in the Rockies be fired for comparing this dual-loyalty to the Obama Administration?

Swarm of angry bees attack man in wheelchair...   American Atheist Magazine and
other MSM fail to identify angry insects as Christians in this attack on Stephen Hawking

Economy and Energy, original and x-links
Robbing Peter to Pay Peter:
Fed Now Largest Holder, Surpassing China...

Oil price again flirting with $100...
Saudi prince warns against any attack on Iran...
Iran poised to choke oil supplies if hit by Israel...
     Ready to help Turkey with nuclear plant...
Islamist rivalry heats up in Egyptian election...

2 million strike in Britain over pension changes...
Walkout fails to bring UK to standstill...
Actually speeds up queue at Heathrow!

Debt crisis threatens more EU members...
Sarkozy eyes welfare overhaul...

'10 days to rescue euro zone'...

Reddy Kilowatt's green  brothers take long breaks ...

Renewable Energy Costs Oregon Billions   (by Todd Wynn for the Cascade Policy Institute)
Green Power Sucks   by  Larry Leonard, ThD
Gasoline is Made of Gold   (The truth about gas prices, Roman roads and freedom)
  (non-byline stuff is x-link)
Teacher Arrested For Masturbating Behind
Podium During Class...

Math Teacher Let Students Buy Grades...

Steve Buckstein vs. Larry Leonard

New Oregon Charter School Package
Has Major Flaw

(An OrMag original piece)   
March 8, 2011: (no papers served, yet)

At Last,  An Oregon Progressive Comes Clean !!!
PSU: Thinly veiled threats of legal action
against Oregon Magazine?

And, now, for something entirely different ...   
Flying Squirrel Invades NJ Emergency Room...
Man accidentally gives away life savings hidden in donated suit...
NKorea opens its door for tourists..
OMED: Agricultural political prisoner camps should be part of tour for foreign farmers

Obama,Pelosi and Reid brought Oregon jobs, right?
Report: Fed Stimulus Money For Oregon Jobs Hired
Foreign Workers...


The Tesla Comes With A Tarp! oooo
(A holdover from past issues this is the world's only fun electric car.
Green, it seems, can be downright race track mean.)

Fred Likes the Tesla
(It's a snazzy electric car. $109,000, batteries
Update: Unfortunately, we just discovered
in September that this company received "stimulus" funds,
which means the survival of the Tesla is in question.)



The News Desk: (Selected headlines from the internet)

Q: Is Obama going to run for re-election on his actual record?
A: No. This time, he'll blame everything on Bush.
Q: Isn't that what he did last time?
A: No. Now, Obama has to blame somebody for everthing he's done, too.
Q: Are you referring to TARP, ObamaCare or the government expansion?
A: Yes.
Q: So, who will he add to Bush for the new stuff?
A: Tea Party loyalists
Q: What is he going to pin on them?
A: Being ungrateful for higher taxes and no jobs.oo

Senate rejects bid to repeal FCC's 'net-neutrality' rules...
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Books and stories:
September of 2011 produced some really bad news
The Passing of a Portland Poet
(So long to a crazy giant named Pintarich.)

The Cultural Mess:
Kerry Cohen's Problematic Portland Publishing Presentation
(A potentially preposterous proposition)


Atlas Shrugged Movie is Raising Cain 

Who is John Galt?

March 22. 2011 --  Ayn Rand’s epic novel, Atlas Shrugged, is finally coming to the silver screen. Whether you’ve read the book or not, you won’t want to miss Part 1 of the film, which debuts around the country the weekend of April 15-16-17th.  So far, the nearest confirmed theaters are in the Seattle area. You can help bring it to Portland, or a theater in your city, by “Demanding” it at the link below. The book was published in 1957, but the producers of the film have wisely set it in 2016. This way, Americans can see what’s coming if we don’t turn around the collectivist government in Washington.

It’s a great story, and a powerful warning. Don’t miss it.

Steve Buckstein
Cascade Policy Institute


The Meanest Fish on Earth
Fishsciencefiction serialization completed:
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |
Chapter Five
| Chapter Six |  Chapter Seven |  Chapter Eight | 
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven
Chicago reviewer said, "If after reading a few pages you aren't
giggling, you're a candidate for an autopsy."
A Fishing Guide from Corvallis is "Holding Lies"
Oregon Author CraftsA Memorable Read

Book Reviews, the Writing Life and Some Neat Original Articles:  (archives)

Freelance Columns:
 Art Hyland's Corner

Steve Jobs and the Electric KoolAid Acid Test

Anyone But Whiners
The Black Jim Jones
Kool Aid Drinkers Surf Oregon Beaches

A Plea for the Northwest

Four Score and Seven Words Ago
God Made Man, Man-made God
Words We Don't Recognize

Wherefore Art Thou Civility?
Unfog the political mirror
Recent columns by Art:

A Liberal World Exposed (Welcome to "JournalList" dot com)
Socialism: A World of Proof (Karl Marx would be delighted.)
Listen up Children: Government is Talking

Oregon & California's Google formula
Barber's Baliwick
TheDominionist Manifesto
Pride vs. Patriotism
On fracking: Energy independence, jobs within reach
If the judge ain’t straight he must vacate
Conservative – The new cool
ACLU: ‘Communism is the Goal’
When Metaphors Attack!
SPLC: Medical Science, Christianity Equal ‘Hate’
Time to Reunite Church and State
“Gay” Lobby Shamelessly Exploits Teen Suicides

The “Gay” Deathstyle

Staff Columns:
Pigskin Pete _________________________________   (weekly score predictions often near the top of the cover, these days)

Pac12 Coaching Hazardous
Profession as Four Axed


2011 Season:

Upsets Rule Roost as Season Subsides
Ducks Stun Oddsmakers, National Press & BCS
Stanford vs. Oregon is For All Pac12 Marbles

Ducks Now Face Three Tough Foes

OSU Revovers, Ducks Get Another 'Gimme'
Dawgs Test Stanford, Ducks Face Pushovers
Ducks Roll On, Viks Accomplish Revival
Oregon Goes National As Beavers Go South

Beaver Season Sinking Ducks Taking a Break

Rejoice--Drought's Over Football Season Returns

Ducks' Dream Falters Before SEC Superiority
Pac 12 Race Wide Open,UO Recovers, OSU Dies

Ducks, Cardinals Easily Top 2011 List
Welcome, Ducks, to U.S. College Football Elite

Oregon's Chip Kelly Has Remarkable Resume

2010 Season columns:
Season's Windup Centers Upon Corvallis Competition
OSU Faces Bowl No-go As Four Pac 10ers Rest

Beavers, Ref Spoil Pigskin's Picks

Even Computers Agree -- Oregon's Nation's Best

Pigskin Went 4-1, Picks Full Slate

\October column that wasn't lost: Peerless (almost) Predictor Goes 5-1, Now Stands 28-7

(original Sept column) Football Fans Rejoice...Drought's About to End
(Update 9/09) Pete Scores 8-2 as College Grid begins
(Update 9/14) Pete Now 16-3, But Season Gets Tougher
(Update 9/22) Pac10 Season Opens As Pete 23-6 to Date
Pac10 Pigskin Prospects Promise Great Season  | Upcoming PAC 10 Season Promises Brutal Battles
Cheer Up, Duck Fans Your Boys Will Win OTI Cage Coach Nearing National Victory Record
2010 Pac10 Season Holds Great Promise | New UO Knight Arena Bids to be Nation's Finest
Pigskin Salutes New Viking Head Coac

Home on the Range _______________________ 
Trader Vic Returns  |  "Mudbugs" Deserve Your  Angling & Appetite Focus
Tis Dungeness Season, And Time to Get Crackin' | Henry's Tavern: Come for Beer, Stay
For Superlative Food
| Mexican Food & Drink Comes to Gringoland | St. Paddy's Day Calls For These
Tasty Ideas
| Oregon Seafood Choices On 'Super Green' List

World's 50 best restaurants list released... (x-link, not a column by Fred)

Decanting with Delkin _______________________

OR, WA Resources Create New Bubbly |  
Irish Rebels Celebrate New Reason to Drink
Wine-by-Glass Gets Technical Assistance
El Gaucho Retains Original Restaurant Dining Magic
If You Like Vino, Gorge Yourself !!
Oregon's 19th Century Beer Heritage Returns to Shelves

Oregon's Wine Success Attracts Houston Investor
Italian/ Washington Wine Merger Creating Success
Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |    Mike O'Brien
Feature E-RFD:  Exercise for the Elderly
E-RFD:  Go Lick Your Elbow

Note: E-RFDs are messages that circulate around the internet.  Some are factual and some are mythical. 
We make no distinction between the types, here, but rather offer them pretty much as they come in -- as
 examples of comment and rumor from a global mind.

"Survivor- Eastern Oregon Style" Costco Drugs: Unbelieveable
| E-RFD Archives
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil is for good men to do nothing"
             -- Edmund Burke

  (X-links and our own stuff below that)


Held over from September: 2 From Rush: ObamaCare is Threatened by Pariah Judge (x-links)
The Intellect of Justice Clarence Thomas Vindicated:
Jeffrey Toobin | Walter Russell Mead Review of Toobin
Limbaugh says that this sudden upgrade of the famous judge's intellect in media which formerly treated
Thomas as moronic is a kind of storm warning pointing the journalistic Left at a critical target. Also part
of this has to do with the man's wife -- who might provide an opportunity to force recusal.

Government Fiscal Blueprint

by Art Hyland, Contributing Editor
How "fairness" destroyed a small town in Rhode Island.
From recent issues:

The "National Debt Limit Crises" is a Political Lie  
by Larry Leonard, Paris Bureau Chief

America: The Two Types of Conspiracies
What is going on around you in America and in Oregon, this very day?  Who's doing it
intentionally, and who's doing it without realizing that they are drawing the knife across
their own throat?  This is about the past and the future.  It's about the truth.

Speaking of democratic revolutions in Wisconsin,
From Greece to the Beaver State

The Antiseptic to Obama is to throw
a Tea party
Never before in the history of the United States has
an occupant of the  White House displayed less concern for the Constitution
and the rule  of law than Barack Obama

From the Canadian Free Press (x-link)
The U. N. Socialists Concoct Another Fleece - ‘Mother Earth Rights Treaty’

  April 6, 2011: Tea Party Fiscal Demands Threaten Traditional Inuit Health Care practices
Pull the Plug on Granny   (OrMag original)
How to Instantly and Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Government   
by Larry Leonard, Paris Bureau Chief
When "equal" actually means "unequal"
Also by our PBC, this is about the mechanics of political truth.
Fundamentals redux:
How do you Abort Three-fifths of a Human?
Whatever happened to the Founding Fathers' "Creator?"

A Public Comedy of Errors 
State Capitalism Obeys the Laws of Supply and Demand

April 14, 2011 (The looming financial disaster)
Dancing at the Musket Ball
Never Hug a Cactus
Politics and Media Archives
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