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News, articles and comment:    
Islamic jihad: Terrorism in Portland, Oregon !!!
The Crusades Were Like Christian Bigot Things, Dude.
Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan 'for
(x-link, we hear she may only get sixty years of whippings)
OMED: Many centuries after Christ, Islam marched to the West, putting
to the sword all who refused to convert. The Crusades were wars to defeat these
butchering terrorist Moslem armies, and to free the Holy Lands (Jerusalem,
specifically). The Crusaders won, which is why Spain and Italy, to name two,
are not yet major sources of Islamic terrorism, today. About half of  Islam -- the
half that denies the Holocaust -- was very pleased with the Holocaust. What they
weren't pleased about is when, in 1948, the United Nations gave a chunk of the
land at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea to the few survivors of the
 National Socialist death camps that never existed. Terrorists just can't get a break.
Merry Christ's Mass:
Former OSU Student Tries to Detonate Van in Pioneer Square

Somali-born teen planned to blow up bomb at crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony...
Yelled 'Allah Akbar!'

The Words of I.Q. al-Rassooli have thus proven to be prophetic

The Tea Parties vs. the Invisible Crown
What the Hell is Going On?  Why is the U.S. so "divided?"

Oregon Tea Party Links
Palin Makes Cover of Mother Jones
"We liked the image because of the subtle historical echoes..."
USATODAYGALLUP: Tea Party support grows; USA divided...

Talk about a wild ride     (These two shots came in by e-mail.)
Eagle hitching a ride.  (Swan got away)                        Osprey catches a salmon
With respect to the recent election ... 
The Pubbie Win Has Happened Before
(Proof that history does, indeed, repeat itself. The interesting thing here is the
thematic variation. History is like the blues. Three basic chords, a riff in "B,"
 that humans assemble into a thousand songs. What matters is what happens
 next. Have we been fishing, or just cutting bait, again?)
The question is, will it
work this time? Well, that is up to the folks under the triangular TP tent.
If they keep fighting, America wins. If not ...
Should Pubbies "cross the aisle," like John McCain did?
Is Compromise a Sign of a Healthy Congress?  
Black Community Struggles with Unwed Mothers  
(This links to our own page, which contains the original x-link.  The discussion
here, in our short essay, has to do with the reason this problem got out of hand
in the first place.)

Classic Dining:

El Gaucho Retains Original
Restaurant Dining Magic


A Letter to Lars Larson:

Romney's Problem is Romney's Solution
(With basic Constitutional protections in place, experimentation at the
state level is pure Founding Fathers philosophy.)

Progressive Shot at Fox Hits Oregon Magazine?
Maybe. Maybe not. The film title is: Attack of the Soviet Bureaucrats IV
FCC moves to ensure 'net neutrality'... (x-link)
Rush, among other conservative commentators, says that this is a clever move to
control internet content. A kind of backdoor "Fairness Practices" act. But,
Oregon Magazine columnist, Art Hyland, says this is about another kind of
"fairness." Not an attempt at violating the U.S. Constitution by a government takeover
of electronic journalistic content -- as was the case wih the "Fair Practices Act." This one
is something else: namely the use of "fairness" with respect to cost. Think of it as a variety
of "redistributionism." If, after reading the link above, you haven't the faintest idea what is
going on,  welcome to the club. We've taken Art's explanation and reprinted it just below.
Click on that, and maybe it will help. Decide for yourself who's right about this: Rush,
Art, both or neither one. (Our hunch is both, to some degree.)
Art Explains "Net Neutrality" -- sort of ...

December 4th -- This just popped up on Drudge:
PAPER: Wave goodbye to Internet freedom...

December 9th -- (ditto) FCC push to regulate news draws fire...

And, now, for something entirely different ...

Obama Administration Finally Achieves Transparency

November 23, 2010 -- The brilliant conservative talk show host, Rush
 Limbaugh, today illustrated the first mid-term election adaptation by
 the Obama White House. When North Korea attacked South Korea
 this morning, the White House described the NK behavior as "very,
very bad."
Thus, we now have a Limbaugh Lens to use for communications clarity.
One very means a North Korean shot a South Korean. Two verys
means  a heavier device, like a cannon was fired. Three verys indicates
a carrier attack, and four verys tells you Kim Jung Il, or whatever the latest
"dear leader" there is called, has dropped a nuke on South Korea.




(Lastly, a holdover from recent issues Green,
it seems, can be downright race track mean.)

Fred Likes the Tesla
(A snazzy electric car.
$109,000, batteries included)





The News Desk:  (updated every now and then)


Obama slams Israel from Jakarta...
Netanyahu Fights Back   ...  Confronts Anti-Israel Propaganda in USA...
Things you wish you'd never learned:

OrBusMax: As of Jan. 1, smoking in Roseburg parks could cost you $1,500...
                       PORTLAND: Russian spy pleads guilty...
                       Portland Tax $ At Work: "Historic" survey of '50s ranch houses...
                       Happy Holidays: No "Christmas" Tree in Portland Pioneer Square...
Quotes of the Month:
Palin: Common sense 'endangered species'...
Uris Curve: Socio-Culteral Ergonometric Instabilities Emerge

 Gay rights march in Belgrade triggers riots, clashes...
Obama had a Gay Nanny Who Joined a Drag Troupe...
Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete...
White Brits will be MINORITY in UK by 2066...
        (Culture matters.  Read this: The Hispanic Education Myth  )
Boy Trapped in Refrigerator Eats Own Foot   (Mad Magazine headline, circa 1953)
Adieu Velma: Woman who told Obama her financial
fears -- has lost her job...


Eastern American Architecture
Ground Zero mosque builders want $5 million grant -- from 9/11 NYC fund...
Ground Zero mosque likened to Superman's HQ...
Massachusetts spending $4.6 Million for little used horse bridge; $92,000 per horse...

Blind Justice
Senior federal judge charged with buying drugs from stripper...

News/Analysis Source Links:
Drudge Report  (Headlines from everywhere)   OrBusMax  (Lots of PacNW news) |
Fox News Headlines
  |  Breitbart's Current Stuff  |  The Daily Caller   The Blaze  
Metro (Portland/Vanc) Weather (KPTV 7 Day projection)

State of the States review:


Present state of the economy:
Oregon native wins Nobel prize in economics...

World Economy
GERMANY: 'The US Has Lived on Borrowed Money for Too Long'...
(Texas rcently said exactly the same thing.)
IMF faces questions over Irish bailout...
Protesters break through front gate of PM's office...
Rescue Would Dwarf Greek Bailout...
Portugal on the brink...
Spain Will Be 'the Biggie...
U.S. Economy

Summer of Recovery news:

Pessimistic Fed to slash growth forecasts...

Titanic, Gigantic, Stupendous Hypocrisy:
Geithner Warns Republicans Against Politicizing the Fed...

Food price fears as feds warn on crop yields...     (crop probems,
or monetization problems?)
Fed Backlash Grows...
Secret WALMART Survey Shows Inflation Already Here...
Fears of new food crisis as prices soar...

THE BIG DAY: GM's Stock Roars Into High Gear...
Share Offering Mostly Sold in N America...
   China buys 1% stake...
STREET: Investors should stay clear due to audit problems...

 The Left Coast Economy
California's unemployment fund has deficit of $10.3 billion...
Troubled California begins $14B bond sale...
Troubled California to Restructure Debt Sales...
(The Left Coast   November OrMag page link.  Too much great stuff to put on the cover.)

Present state of "Climate Change:" (X-Links)

OrBusMax:  Oregon wind farm worries 
small town: 'You can't imagine the stress
it's caused'...


Schwarzenegger Admits: Climategate was 'tremendous setback'...
GORE REGRETS: Corn ethanol 'was not good policy'...

ClimateGate Exposed by Internationally Famous Physicist ...
Hal Lewis: My Resignation From The American Physical Society

Praesidium Respublicae: Global Warming Bubble Bursts



Present state of ObamaCare:

White House hands out 111 Obamacare waivers...
List peppered with unions...
Doctors brace for big Medicare pay cuts...
Education (x-links)
Latino kids now majority in California's public schools...
Fresno State student president says he's undocumented...
Miami student body president declares: I'm an illegal!

Freelance Columns:
 Art Hyland's Corner

Tea Party For Two
Part One of this series:  Tea Party Beginnings
and Endings

Recent columns by Art:

A Liberal World Exposed (Welcome to "JournalList" dot com)
Socialism: A World of Proof (Karl Marx would be delighted.)
Listen up Children: Government is Talking

Oregon & California's Google formula
Barber's Baliwick
Time to Reunite Church and State

“Gay” Lobby Shamelessly Exploits Teen Suicides

The “Gay” Deathstyle


Fishsciencefiction serialization completed:
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |
Chapter Five
| Chapter Six |  Chapter Seven |  Chapter Eight | 
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven

Chicago reviewer said, "If after reading a few pages you aren't
giggling, you're a candidate for an autopsy."

Books and stories:

The Wisdom of Wooden
America's Greatest Coach Leaves Written Legacy
by Fred Delkin

Local Columnist Launches Collection of His Opinions
This is about wine. Oregon Magazine's Editor, Fred Delkin, is a master of the arts of the
grape. One of the founding members of the Oregon Wine Advisory Board, and former
owner of Jake's Crawfish restaurant in Portland, Fred for years did not particularly respect
the man discussed in this piece. Praise from one's enemy is rare, indeed.


Who was the first black Speaker of the House of Representatives?
Who rewrote the history texbooks so you would never even know there was one?
Don't know? Then go use this link:
American History in Black and White

What you will read in this one will shock you to the marrow of your bones.

Held over >> Delkin reviews a book about the gigantic climate scam:
Global Warming? Author Debunks Current Claims

Amid all the political excitement being stirred up
byPresident Obama's 'Cap & Trade'measure he wants to
shove through Congress, a new book,
Climatism, by
Steve Goreham
, should be read as a complete discussion
of the science, politics and the energy policy
implications of the global warming debate. Goreham,
an engineer with an MBA from the University of Chicago,
asks very pertinent and informed questions.


Book Review Archives
Activity Articles:

Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"
The Subject was Crabs
Surfing for Perch  (Winter or summer, fun for beach boys) 

When to Jump Out of an Airplane
An introduction to the writing Life
Part One: A Beginning Writer's Guide to the Craft: the freelance life


Fun With Science:     (x-links)
Chinese supercomputer named world's fastest...
Physicists trap and hold 38 atoms of anti-matter...


Oregon scientists blast photons with green lasers -
breakthrough in quantum physics that could change the Internet...

Study: WiFi might be killing trees...
Asteroid to skim past Earth...
UN: 'We are destroying life on Earth'...
One third of 'extinct' animals turn up again...
New fish species found nearly 5 miles deep...
Huge space tourism expansion 'just months away'..
Private spaceship makes 1st solo flight...
Is Obama trying to 'decolonize' space?


Staff Columns:
Pigskin Pete _________________________________
Season's Windup Centers
Upon Corvallis Competition

OSU Faces Bowl No-go As Four Pac 10ers Rest

Beavers, Ref Spoil Pigskin's Picks

Even Computers Agree -- Oregon's Nation's Best
Pigskin Went 4-1, Picks Full Slate
\October column that wasn't lost: Peerless (almost) Predictor Goes 5-1, Now Stands 28-7

(original Sept column)
Football Fans Rejoice...
Drought's About to End
(Update 9/09)
Pete Scores 8-2 as
College Grid begins
(Update 9/14)
Pete Now 16-3, But
Season Gets Tougher
(Update 9/22)
Pac10 Season Opens
As Pete 23-6 to Date
Pac10 Pigskin Prospects Promise Great Season  | Upcoming PAC 10 Season Promises Brutal Battles
Cheer Up, Duck Fans Your Boys Will Win OTI Cage Coach Nearing National Victory Record
2010 Pac10 Season Holds Great Promise | New UO Knight Arena Bids to be Nation's Finest
Pigskin Salutes New Viking Head Coac

Home on the Range _______________________ 
Mexican Food & Drink Comes to Gringoland

World's 50 best restaurants list released... (x-link, not a column by Fred)
St. Paddy's Day Calls For These Tasty Ideas

Oregon Seafood Choices On 'Super Green' List

Decanting with Delkin _______________________
If You Like Vino, Gorge Yourself !!

Oregon's 19th Century Beer Heritage Returns to Shelves

Oregon's Wine Success Attracts Houston Investor
Italian/ Washington Wine Merger Creating Success
Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |    Mike O'Brien
Feature E-RFD:  Exercise for the Elderly
Note: E-RFDs are messages that circulate around the internet.  Some are factual and some are mythical.  
We make no distinction between the types, here, but rather offer them pretty much as they come in -- as
 examples of comment and rumor from a global mind.

"Survivor- Eastern Oregon Style" Costco Drugs: Unbelieveable | E-RFD Archives
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil is for good men to do nothing"
             -- Edmund Burke

Pelosi: 'We Didn't Lose Because of Me'...
Rough road ahead for Obama, unions as compromises loom...
Iran, Venezuela plan to build rival to Panama Canal...

New Post:  What do the mid-term Election Results mean?
From out of the blue, the amazing truth about the Untouchable benefit:
E-RFD: Who is Actually After Your Social Security?
Dems Have Already Privatized Social Security !!

(So, why all those political TV spots about the Tea Party threat of "privatization?")
E-RFD: (the Great Recession) Get the facts right!

NW MEDIA COVERUP?: 30 Months In Prison For Denial Of Service Hit On
Conservative Politicians' Websites...

Foxes and Henhouses?
DAILY: Murdoch creates 'iNewspaper' - with the help of Steve Jobs...
From the Creator of StagFlation and mile-long Gas Pump Lines:
CARTER: FOXNEWS commentators have 'deliberately distorted' news...
Indonesia bans journalists from press conference...
Rockefeller: FCC Should Take FOXNEWS, MSNBC Off Airwaves...
House Dems Reject GOP Proposal to Defund NPR...
China sentences woman to labor camp for TWITTER post...

Past, Present and Future Misc  >>>>>>>>

Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll... (x-link) |
Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08...    (X-link) | America's Socialist Past  (X-link) |
When did the lowbrows take over the culture?  | Oregon's Hidden Sales Tax (Some basic economic
 realism for the envious.)
| A Time To Wonder About Direction | George Will: The Toxic Assets We
   (X-link: A rocker made of logic and good writing.) And, another hottie by George: 03/29/09  (Can
congress violate constitutional "Separation of powers?")
| Citizens Against Government Waste (x-link to
umorous tales about pork)
| Speaking of health care: Suppressed WHO Report Secondhand Smoke Doesn't
Cause Cancer

Poland's Lech Walesa's Warning for America...
Ancient History:
Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine...

OrMag Co-publisher Reacts To "Gay" Press Release    (Just to make things clear)  <>   Are you a Democrat,
a Republican or a Southerner?
   <>    Extreme Rights Archives  (Gay ways)

The 50 Richest Members of Congress     (If you ain't a millionaire when you reach Congress, you
 soon will be. It's just a co-incidence, of course.)
Historical Observations:

Social Security: The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg
and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?
   (Who pays when you cash a government bond?)

Education: The Hispanic Education Myth
Race: Ken's "Congress"  (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?) 

Fred's China Triple Play:  Shanghai Visit Astounds Oregon Mag Editor   (China trip part one)
Oregon Mag Editor's Shanghai Experiences Continued...
(China trip part two)  
Ormag Editor Experiences Globalization First Hand   ( China trip part three)

Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose

Dr. Horton’s History Channel History of Slavery   (A black professor from a famous East Coast
American university proves  that he either doesn't know or doesn't  like certain kinds of truth )
How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.     Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy   |


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They Ran Down John Wilkes Booth (A beaut about two Oregon Civil War vets.)
Storming the Ramparts (Up close and personal with a blizzard of lead)

A Forlorn Hope
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