The Greatest Christmas Present Possible  (Merry Christmas from us)

Oregon Magazine TM
  December 2002  Volume 2  No 12

  "Wanted: 36 rubber reindeer galoshes." -- S. Claus, North Pole

(Illustration by Jeff Jackson 2002)
   Articles, fiction and poetry:


When is Christmas?  (It's about time.)
Portland Pair Rules Restaurant Empire
 Oregon man wins 2002 world bench press title
Games Continue at City Hall  (PGE, PFE & PDX SNAFU)
Election Changes PDX Dynamics  (Randy rocks!)
An Insult to Both Tolkien and America (Ring star is garbage)
Doctors remove 20-pound tumor  (Big as a basketball!)
A FAN’S NOTES: Pintarich on Chow Time
Recipies from Middle Earth  (Whitcomb reviews cookbook)
Wine, Sex & Dementia  (Delkin is living proof of all three.)
PBS: Fairy Tales of Islam  (Political Correctness in the desert.)
The Greatest Christmas Insult Possible (Merry Christmas from OPB)
Ghana make myself millions (O'Brien hits African E-paydirt.)
E-RFD: The Managerial Mind
Slammendunken Volksfactzentruthen  (TL's Krautcan)

T-bucket Raffle (This car was built by the kids in the Forest Grove highschool auto shop.  Raffle proceeds will be used for scholarships and to fund the next car project, a Deuce lowboy roadster.  The headline link will take you to an external page that contains telephone numbers.  Or you can mail a check for $25 to Forest Grove Highschool, 1401 Nichols Lane Forest Grove, Oregon, 97116,  Attn: Jennifer Collins. Include your return address. Your ticket will be mailed to you. The raffle will be held on February 26, 2003. We'll post the winning number right here. You don't have to be present at the drawing to win.)

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
Moderation in all things:
The Secret to Political Victory
This war actually is about religion:
Osama's Message to America
 Inside Features & topical links:
Travel: Anthony Lakes Recreation Area
Arts&Lettres: Invasion: Whitcomb review
Natural History: Who invented dogs?
SciTech: New Space Telescope
Outdoors  McKenzie Salmon Cost $454 Apiece
Business: Death Tax Dying
  Recent  Articles
Let it snow, let it snow!  (10 spots to have a snow ball)
Ordering at a Fancy Restaurant  (Sophisticated fare)
What Just Happened   (An Oregon post-election editorial)
The Media's the Message   (The underlying political problem)
Social Security: The Dirty Little Secret  (Financial ripoff)
Vera Katz Now Understands “Capitalism?”
Bird airport: Now open 24 hours  (Problematic pals)

Hughes Race Plane Replica | Small Gods, Gopher Prairie and Public Hogwash
Sesame Street's HIV-positive Muppet | Science and Creation Myth | Desert Deer  |  No Hatcheries, No Salmon  |  Field Day: HAMS Head for the Hills
Backroads Beauty  |  Vintage MotorcyclesTo Race or Not to Race II
Meet Me in Las Vegas,.Baby | Big Money in Rotten Veggies

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