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Steve Buckstein vs. Larry Leonard
New Oregon Charter School Package
Has Major Flaw

July, 2011 -- here's the full text from the Cascade Policy Institute news release that started the fracas.   It was the first sentence that jumped out at me:

One of the bills at the center of the tension, HB 3645, would allow Oregon’s public colleges to sponsor a charter school.

When, farther down I read that the Oregon Education Association, a union, opposes this idea, it didn't make sense to me.  Yes, it is well known that the big teacher's unions oppose charter school vouchers because that idea allows for parental choice.

The only choice liberals approve is the one that allows them to kill their own children. 

But, true school choice, vouchers, is anathema to them.  These days, that means "revenues from taxation originally headed for the public schools, but which now will be removed from that total and used to fund private educational facilities." Unless the legislation contains strong support of Progressive control, to keep loads of money flowing into the public educational system, the Progressives who found our new charter school might have to please the children's parents.  This would mean no oral sex classes for second graders, no celebration of the lives of communist butchers, no hate-America cultural and historical stuff -- in fact, no inaccurate history, at all.

Children would have to be taught the truth about Oregon and America. 

Ken's "Congress"
How do you Abort Three-fifths of a Human?
Whatever happened to the Founding Fathers' "Creator?"

Oregon's Racist History

The last item is a long piece, but all four are true, and make my point, here.  The last thing a "modern" teacher wants to do is provide accurate information for his students.  That would be an anti-Progressive approach to education.  An old fashioned approach.  The modern method may be fully framed in a single sentence: American education's job is to teach children what to think, not how to think.

Having been the status quo for decades now, this Progressive (liberal/socialist) approach has succeeded beyond Karl Marx's wildest dreams.  Just in terms of Civics, if every graduate of every public school in America was given the test legal immigrants must pass to become U.S. Citizens, we would be shocked if 10% of these future voters could pass it.

Who's In Charge, Here?

The structural history is easy to scope out.  The children go to public schools.  There, they learn from teachers.  These teachers went to colleges and universities to get their teaching certification.  To graduate from these instututions of higher learning, they had to pass tests that indicated a complete understanding of the job of a "modern" teacher.

So, all this public school crap the kids learn was flushed out of our colleges and universities.  You don't get to teach people's kids in elementary school unless you are thoroughly indoctrinated in Progressive education.  That is why the American parents so elegantly personified by the Tea Parties, want charter schools.  They don't want their children's heads stuffed full of a load of PC Progressive crap.

Thus, you now understand our amazement at Steve Buckstein, the top dog at Cascade Policy Institute, allowing Christina Martin to promote the idea of a new wave of charter schools created under the aegis (supervision/approval/guidance) of Oregon's colleges.

The very idea is ludicrous.  I know, let's put all the police in prison and turn the sherrif's office over to Machine Gun Kelley and the Godfather.  That will reduce crime in America.

Regarding the Union opposition to HB3645

It is odd being on the same side as a teacher's union, here.  I suppose it could be the liberal's genetic dislike of de-centralization. But, it makes a conservative wonder what he's missed in the bill.  An expansion of the charter school system -- this version -- couldn't possibly harm the forces of Progressivism in Oregon, could it?  Charter schools established under the Progresive wings of the disciples of Marx and Lenin aren't likely to depart from the Party Line, are they? 

I can't believe that the controlling institutions would allow the parents to install Glenn Beck's history reading list in the curriculum.

Under this system, about the only difference from your regular five thousand student socialist educational collective would be that closer contact with parents. These are neighborhood schools.  It might get uncomfortable when parents actually read the garbage textbooks that presently get fed to the kids.  The Story of Stuff video, which teaches young kids about the evils of capitalism might stir up the parents a bit, I suppose.  The ones who own small businesses might say something about that.

And, I suppose that during history schedules, some of those Tea Party types might object to the educational cover-ups -- like the fact that the first "massa" (Slave holder) in the colony of Massachusetts was black.  (what the teachers call an "African-American.")  That is one of those facts which makes one think about slavery in a new light.  It could lead a young mind to the study of paleo-anthropology.  A bright kid might discover who invented slavery.

An accurate portrayal of early Islamic proliferation along the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea would be, by Progressives, considered anti-Islamic bias.  The Christian Crusades were proof of innate evil, right?  The fact that when the Crusaders arrived the only people left alive from the Holy Lands to Spain were recent Moslem converts, is not relevant in modern Progressive educational circles.

In conclusion ...

No, I don't get the teacher's union objection, here.  If these new charter schools were created by the parents -- obviously people who do not want their children to suffer the Progressive slings and arrows of outrageous leftwing teacher bias -- I could  understand the union terror. 

No modern educator wants to be forced to teach accurate history or Civics.  If children are taught that sort of imperialist propaganda, they will grow up to have working brains, and will make intelligent decisions at the voting booth, in their profession and in their own homes.

How does that benefit the glorious serfdom of the coming State of Social Jiustice?

This essay is probably a waste of time in today's Oregon.  With the exception of pockets east of the Cascades, Progressives reign.  When this bill (or some version of it) passes, the charter schools the colleges generate will be teaching the same junk our present schools vomit out.

Just thought some of you would like to know what's going on -- and might, like me, wonder why the hell a supposedly solid and rational outfit like the Cascade Policy Institute presented it as a good idea.


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