An Oregon Magazine favorite:
Bob Pool 
 If the eye is the window on the soul, 
the camera is the window on the eye.

For most of his working life, Bob Pool was an engineering type.  He worked for the state of Oregon on various highway and bridge projects.  When he retired, he picked up a camera. Our world looks different when seen through Bob's eye -- more dramatic, more peaceful, more colorful.  Hotter, colder, wetter, drier.  Brighter, darker.  It's almost as if he paints these pictures instead of taking them.

Can you feel the cool air rising off the lake to the left?  Do you hear the plaintive call of the loon?. I mean, study, really look at, the photo (below) of the old red chair at Mt. Bachelor. Has any photo or painting you've ever seen given you a greater sense of vast distance -  of the march of a range of mountains over the edge of the Earth?  Look at how the light goes left to right, brighter to darker.  Look at how the clouds in the distance almost form a mountain range of their own.  Look at the texture of the tree between the red chair building and the mountain in the background.

I've seen expensive Christmas card illustrations that don't approach the compositional structures and textures of this photo.

How does he do it?

These are all copyrighted, of course.  Some have appeared in advertising, some in National Geographic Magazine.  If you buy beautiful photos for personal or commercial purposes, contact Bob with this link.  Bob Pool


Bob's website is  Oregon Photo Galleries