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Kerry Cohen's Problematic
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(A potentially preposterous proposition)

September 21, 2011 -- A return to the Forties with respect to the subject would save many stupid females from founding many welfare dynasties. 

My guess is that this book doesn't say that.  I am ancient, and recall the day when sexual promiscuity was a risky process.  It happened, but often as not Impregnating a teen-aged girl would result in what was known as a "shotgun" wedding, and if the young father did not behave properly thereafter, he had to head for the Indian Territories if he wished to remain alive.  And the girl in the activity?  Her price was shame and rejection.  But, the liberalization of our culture has taken the shot from the scion's shells, denounced the shame and transferred the cost of the formerly illegal abortion to modern medical clinics -- and pay for the service with tax dollars from the neighbors who reject drugs, crime and welfare and prefer to work for their living.

By these things, I am saying that the Darwinist effect has been removed from the critical youth stage of human experience on Killingsworth St. in Portland, Oregon.  Progressives support Darwin, unless the process generates youthful caution.

Lord, how I hate the 21st Century (original credit to a film starring John Wayne)

Things are coming to a head.  There shall never be more than a meeting across a deep valley between liberalism and conservatism in America.  The middle ground, here, is a miolten lava flow at the bottom of a mile deep chasm whose atmosphere is mainly poison gasses. I mean, Kerry Cohen's meet-the-author event is at a feminist community center on Killingsworth St. in Portland, Oregon.  It is not legal to tell the truth about anything at a place like that.  They can designate it a hate crime at a place like that.  (Then shoot you with weapons confiscated from the legal owners.)

Truth about 21st Century American pre-teen and teenaged sexual practices?  In a feminist community center in N.E. Portland?  Shirley, you jest.  Here, look at this from the email:
Hi Larry,

I wanted to extend an invitation to Kerry Cohen’s upcoming event. You may have had the opportunity to attend the book’s launch party, but if you missed out or think others may be interested, please find more information below.

Please join Kerry Cohen for a discussion and signing of her latest book
Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity

The author of the provocative hit memoir Loose Girl now provides an eye-opening look at the dangerous, secretive world of today’s adolescent girls and how feminine sexuality is shaped by our culture and media.


Thursday, September 27, 2011

7:00 PM


In Other Words

                                            14 NE Killingsworth Street
                                                   Portland, OR

Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity is a riveting look at today's adolescent girls who use sex as a means to prove their worth. Cohen lays bare the hard truths about this dangerous life that reveals itself in girls you wouldn't expect and in ways you might not see-and that can seriously damage and hurt these girls. Featuring stories from self-admitted loose girls across the country, Dirty Little Secrets is an unforgettable wake-up call for our culture, ourselves, and our vulnerable daughters.

(list of approving review sources, including Publisher's Weekley)


My first question would be, did the press agent who sent this to Oregon Magazine read Oregon Magazine before she did it?  (Almost all the newer press agents, these days are women.)  It is absolutely true that such (risky) activity these days is promulgated by our culture and the mass media, but is this press agent suggesting that a book that tells the truth about our culture and mass media could be presented at this event in that place?

My mother didn't raise no fool who would believe anything like that, and pass it along to his readers.

Rush Limbaugh, you know, would like this incarnation of this locally famous name publication.  We are officially recognized by the EPA as an Endangered First Amendment magazine species in Oregon, because we are political conservatives.  Prior to us, the only place you could find a real media conservative west of the Cascades was on the radio or in a museum.

(Speaking of museums, you'll have to remind me some time to relate the story about Arlene Schnitzer and the Art Museum Wine Table Snob.)

Okay, fun is fun, but we have journalistic work to do.  The subject is the garish sexual practices of the very young Oregon female, these days, and the cause of same.  My first premise is that this sort of thing isn't caused by hypocritical Christians.  There are only four Christians of any kind left west of the Cascades, at present -- and all of them get the hell out of Portland as soon as they can.

The only possible cause left is Anti-Charles Darwinism

 I understand the biological Darwinian aspect, but also grasp the meaning at the bottom of it -- that various physically-based, behavior modifying changes have resulted in hope for a minority of earthly species since the pre-Cambrian era.  I know that the survival of the average presently-available species is the result of adaptations that were the best available tools to deal with the changing conditions through the ages of the Earth.  I also know that the fossil record indicates that 99% of the creatures and plants that ever lived are now gone with the winds of time.  In a court of law, an attorney could argue that these numbers indicate that "natural selection," like drunk driving, should be outlawed.  (The biblical approach leaves less road kill.)

On the other hand, if you look at any predominently black or hispanic urban neighborhood on the Left Coast of the United States, the first thing that strikes you is that without question, the principle activity in that place is the attempt to survive.

As I said, above, just based on the mathematical evidence, evolution is not fun.  That is, it works -- the gears turn and products are distributed to the world at large -- but most of the stuff the Darwin Company turns out doesn't qualify for the Good Housekeeping seal of a
pproval.  Like a British sports car, it works, but the convertible top leaks and at least one mechanical system related to the engine or the drive train has to be repaired if you are to return home from your jaunt.

"Loose girls" are like British sports cars.  What causes them?

Socialist Anti-Darwinism.

Fathers with shotguns, like Oregon Magazine, are an unprotected endangered species in 2011.  Over my lifetime of seven decades, the species replenishment activity (sex) has shifted from two people  making a contract to provide a place where their offspring could survive, and have a chance to thrive -- to the graphic on the cover of Kerry Cohen's book.  I have never been a practicing religious type of any kind, but am amazed at the perfectly apt cultural scenarios avalilable in the King James version of the Christian Bible.  The Old Testament Jews and the New Testament Christians nailed it.

If I were you, I'd send my kids to schools where it is legal to teach them the Judeo-Christian roots of America's Constitutional form of government. 

Sodom and Gomorrah, for example

I once watched from a distance, a small Sixties youth musical event.  It was very Sodom and Gomorrah-istic. A kind of Woodstock West.   It looked a lot like the cover on Kerry Cohen's book.

Decades before that, my first home (as of October 24, 1941) was on N.E. Blandena St.  in Portland, Oregon.  (Quite close to Killingsworth St.)  It was a very different place before and just after WWII.  Much hope and change has since sickened the area.  There weren't any feminist diversity community centers in those days.  It is now described as a sexist, racist era when fathers had guns.  The interesting thing about it, is that back then the streets were safe for children, even black ones, even at night.  And, there were perhaps a hundred drug addicts for every hundred thousand Portland residents, and none of them were teenaged children. I remember the place and the small towns that flanked it in nearby valleys -- through the Forties and the Fifties.  Unwed mothers were as rare as common sense in America, today.

The culture that shaped those lives then is the subject of laughter and other forms of derision, now.  Hawkeye Pierce and All in the Family's Meathead (Rob Reiner) have replaced the rube-like country simpllcity of that day with the "sophisticated" views we have this day. 

Kelly Cohen's real-modern-life characters are kids.  How many times since the hippies threw the baby out with the bath water, have I heard people say everything must be for the children?  All the Progressive rules, all the Progressive laws, all the Progressive taxpayer-funded abortions.  And the result?  The only way these days to be sure your little girl doesn't become a defacto sexual service station for hundreds of paying or non-paying customers is to send her to a Catholic school attached to a monastic retreat overlooking the Agean Sea, or to kill her before she hits the pavement.

A note to Kelly, the author ... 

We don't need to attend your community center event.  We don't even need to read your book to review it.  Where you are promoting it explains who you are and what you have to say about the subject.  It's like Darwinian Evolution.  You can predict the kind of life by the kind of place it lives. The flowers that grow in caves are usually poisonous.

I'm betting that in your books, you are not blaming the Democrat Party, Sixties feminist icons, the New York Times, the Big Three television networks, Robert Maplethorpe, Hollywood or Harvard for the dangers described in the text.

I'm betting that if you have villains in there, they are Christians, have a job or provide private sector (non-government) jobs for other people, believe having a Christmas tree in Pioneer Square is not a violation of the U.S. Constitution (which it isn't) and object to RAP lyrics which champion the killing of police, and which use the term "nigger" at least twenty times during the "song."

It is tragically consistent.  (Such eternally consistent liberal stupidity, such typical liberal inability to locate a mirror, and so the source of the problem.)  But, I have aborted reviewing books like yours in this publication, Kerry.  No such book, if properly written, would be allowed in a N.E. Portland feminist community center.  Imagine me being paid a fee by a black highschool to give a speech about the African-American who was the first slave massa in the Colony of Massachusetts.  Imagine a speaker's fee from Portland State University for an event where I document to the audience that every black-bashing, slavery-supporting lynch mob member of the KKK in pre and post-statehood Oregon was a registered Democrat.

For decades into the 20th Century the endorsement of the KKK was the key ingredient to achieving elective office as a Democrat in Oregon.  No feminist in the Killingsworth area wants to hear truth like that, these days.  No feminist would stand for it.

(Added note on October 3rd: for those who are interested, the history of Democrats in Oregon is well outlined here:
Oregon's Racist History  )

If, in your text and at your gathering, you actually did present the truth, you'd never get out of today's Killingsworth area, alive.


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