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 Oregon Magazine TM          August  2009

Regarding 2012 A.D.: How did the Mayans know the re-election of Obama could cause the end of the world?.
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The remarkable life of a Quaker Civil War Hero  
(From the farmlands of Pennsylvania to Grant's "saddest moment of the war," the journey of this officer of the 6th Colored Regiment is striking. Randy Fletcher has produced a fine sketch of an unusual fellow to find winning the Congressional Medal of Honor. )

Delkin hammers the Prez:
Rhetoric or Reality...Obama Won't Admit the Difference

Simon Says:
Geologists Have Rocks in Their Heads
(Getting stoned takes on a whole new meaning. Here's Simon's treatise on a shiny rock: Volcanic Glass is Sharper Than Steel )

What's going on in Oregon?
Oregon "Stimulus" Jobs a Fake (Talk about a short work week. Click on the x-link:
Oregon's inventive math on jobs Here at OrMag, we're curious what the state's actual unemployment rate might be. Including people who have given up looking for a job, and who are no longer counted in the numbers, our guess is 16%. Where's it going? The folks who have the money to create non-taxpayer-funded jobs are moving across the Columbia River to Clark County. One of them said that when they reached the middle of the bridge, it felt like relocating from Soviet-era East Germany to the West. We'd tell Oregon's liberal politicians to "tear down that wall," but they wouldn't listen.

What's going on out there in the real world?
Nuke the Jews (x-link) :
Iran could have atomic bomb within 6 months...
"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now own more than half the homes in America." -- G. Beck
Health bill? Billions for parks, paths, farmers' markets... (x-link)

ObamaCare Likely to Mandate
Free “Sex-Change” Surgeries (Government-funded addadictomies)

Matt Barber's Latest Columns:
New “Science Czar” Advocates Forced Abortion 
(OMED: a quote from this piece > Holdren has advocated both forced abortion and compulsory sterilization through government-administered tainting of the water supply.) Is There a Co-Pay with Forced Abortion?

'Gay' Penguin Flies Straight (Feathered Antarctic Parody)
Obama's Moral Clarity Deficit (Whither Stands America?)

  A Liberty Alert from Liberty Counsel -
What Americans need to know about the healthcare takeover

We recently saw an overview of the healthcare bill being debated in Congress (HR 3200). We found the overview so alarming that we doubted its accuracy, so the staff in our D.C. office compared it to the voluminous bill.
What they found astonished us so much that we had to share it with you today. You can read our updated and revised overview of HR 3200 and you will be alarmed, too.  You can also read the text of HR 3200 - directly from a government website - to see for yourself how dangerous this government healthcare takeover would be.

Of course, it is not enough to be alarmed and do nothing! Congress is going on recess soon, but you can be assured that the liberals behind this bill will not be at rest. They will hold public meetings and try to convince their constituents that government healthcare is the only option.

It is time to visit the Senators and Representatives in their local offices in your state. Take copies of our document on HR 3200 with you so they can understand your concerns.

Find your Senators and Representatives offices online.


Killer System?  (X-link. Canadian brain tumor survivor warns about socialized medicine) 

Need to get out of town, fast?
2010:A new space odyssey beckons; Manned space exploration... (x-link)
True or False: We Can Make it to Mars and Back July 20, 2009 -- We recently heard a radio columnist talk about the impossibility of a manned mission to Mars.  He said the voyage would take years, and that long periods without gravity create serious health problems for astronauts.
Fishsciencefiction serialization continues unabated:
Chapter Five (from the dumbest out of print fishing book ever written)
Chapter Four
Chapter Three
Chapter Two
Chapter One

John Hawkins Calls it right on Palin (Absolute clarity on the subject. An x-link)
     So, you believe a White House military advisor sent Air Force Two on a photo-op?


Timberline Lodge Beckons Tourists with Special Tours (Fred Delkin has climbed and skied every square foot of this two mile high mountain. He says if you need a break from the traffic and the heat, this is the spot.)

Let 'er Buck! Molalla Hosts Pro Rodeo Event (The West, it seems, is still wild.)

Seattle Group Enhances Oregon Mountain Resort (Out by Mt. Hood, this may be a sleeper. The golf course is beautiful and the food looks fancy.)

Printer Releases Unique Format for Oregon Sites (A deck of travel cards. Each one contains all the basic info about a weekend jaunt. Fan the deck and select an idea, or shuffle, cut and let chance make the choice.)

Lipscomb Blasts  Hemingway  Revise (An Oregon expatriate isn't pleased with what Papa's family has done to A Moveable Feast)
NW Authors Pen Locally Oriented, Superb Mystery (Review by OrMag Editor, Fred Delkin)
New Cookbook Celebrates Pacific Northwest Dining
Selling Your Father's Bones (a book review by Fred Delkin)
'Salishan' Proves It's More Than A Resort
(A book review by Oregon Magazine's Editor and Copublisher, Fred Delkin) Salishan, an Oregon historical novel, available at
Articles:   Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"      The Subject was Crabs   |    Surfing for Perch  (From the archives: Winter or summer, fun for beach boys)   Books:   "History by the Glass"Enters Second Round   (Portland's classic saloons, Edition II, written by Paul Pintarich and published by Joe Bianco.)  |   Crooked River Country  (book review)      Oregon Fever  Joe Bianco's anthology includes feature work by some Oregon Magazine writers, including Larry Leonard.    When to Jump Out of an Airplane

   Fun With Science
(From one day on Drudge)
Gore: Climate Bill Will Help Bring About 'Global Governance'... Sen. Boxer warns of 'droughts, floods, fires, loss of species' -- if Senate fails to pass bill... Senators attack carbon tax proposals on imports...
OBAMA BACKS PLAN TO 'HALT GLOBAL TEMPERATURES'... Sen. Byrd blasts climate bill...
Nations Differ on Emissions Cuts... Activists arrested for banner on Mount Rushmore... Ugandans blame drought and disease on the 'angry gods'...

GLOBAL WARMING REST OF THE STORY: 'Sun Spots And Settled Science...'
New York City has 'coolest June since 1958'...
Global Warming Archives


 Pigskin Pete
Forecasters Widely Disagree On 2009 Pac10 Football 

Spring Drills Indicate Promising Grid Results (part one)
Portland State Shows Promise in
Spring Scrimmage
(part two) Oregon Becomes Regional Sports Surface HQ
  Home on the Range
Here's Solution For
Summer Harvest Glut

(Zucchini Pancakes with Tzatziki Sauce)

April delicacy: Jellied Moose Nose
(Fred's Favorite Food :)
Latin Cuisine Expands Eastward in PDX
(The Matador es muy bonita)
E-RFD: Honey & Cinnamon Cure  (Health food home remedy.)

Sauce Magnate Creates Restaurant Masterpiece
Oregon Entrepreneur Finds Health Foods Very Profitable (Bob's Red Mill is being copied by General Mills)
 Decanting with Delkin
Writer's Tastebuds Confirm 
Quady North Deserves Honors

Southern Oregon Winery Earns ’Best Red in NW’
Oregon Wine Country Gets World-Class Resort Complex

Brazil's National Spirit (A rum solution for hard times.)

Washington Wine Heritage Births New Premium Label
From January:
Papa Pinot Leaves Lasting Legacy for Oregon Wines



 Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |   Hans Zeiger     Mike O'Brien
  Feature E-RFD

Pistol Packin' Pooch
Still Battling Bad Guys in Afghanistan  (held over from July)

The photo comes to us via KB7SYY's son, who is stationed in Iraq.  A fellow soldier presently fighting in Afghanistan took it during action in that land, and has named it "dogface."  The weapon the dog is firing is apparently a 50mm cannon. Public reaction to this "shot"
is amazing.

How To Become an Illegal Alien
| Who's a Big Crab? (Canny Crustaceans) | Presidential
Pig Swap
(Let's make a deal.) | Poison Pancakes (Old dough can make you go - away.) | INS Cleans Up Texas Construction Site | Surprise Ending  The Alaska Pope-mobile IncidentPelosi is Kissed by a Star    (House
Speaker has America in a can.)   
Congressional Money Saving Proposal   (Charity begins at home.) Congress Gives Itself Raise... (external info link topically related to the above E-RFD) | General Cosgrove   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)  |   To Kill an American   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)  |   A Soldier in Iraq   |   Freezing Balls
Off Brass Monkeys
  |   The Ballad of the Subway Violin   |   New Taxes     
"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?" 
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"  
                         -- Edmund Burke

Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08...    (X-link)

Iran could have atomic bomb within 6 months...  (x-link)

From July's American Thinker:
America's Socialist Past  (X-link)
When did the lowbrows take over the culture? 

Pelosi: Lean, Mean and Commie Green
The Pelosi headline goes to a report wherein she says, and we quote: "We have so much room for improvement," she said. "Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory ... of how we are taking responsibility." Every aspect of your life. That, lads and lassies, is exactly what liberals want to control -- and it explains why I have in this magazine said that socialism is monarchism clothed in gray robes. In both cases, the folks in positions of power own everything, must not be criticized and can just point at you and down you go. (LL)

Oregon's Hidden Sales Tax (Some basic economic realism for the envious.)

Speaking of Healthcare: Suppressed WHO report: Secondhand Smoke Doesn't Cause Cancer

Obama's Angel of Death   |   A Good Time To Wonder About Direction   |   George Will: The Toxic Assets We Elected...    (X-link: A rocker made of logic and good writing.)  And, another hottie by George: 03/29/09  (Can congress violate constitutional "Separation of powers?")   |   Specter to oppose 'card check,' says conservative group...   (X-link)   Maybe. He's a Democrat, now.)   |   Citizens Against Government Waste (x-link to humorous tales about pork)    |    Bailouts:  FORD SAYS 'NO THANKS'  

It's to ponder ... 

OrMag Co-publisher Reacts To "Gay" Press Release    (Just to make things clear)  <>   Are you a Democrat, a Republican or a Southerner?   <>    Extreme Rights Archives  (Gay ways)   

  Out of the past ...
Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose
Social Security:
The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?   (Who pays when you cash a government bond?)
The Hispanic Education Myth

Ken's "Congress"   (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?)

Our Times: 
Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

Dr. Horton’s History Channel History of Slavery    (A lauded black professor from a famous East Coast American university proves that he either doesn't know or doesn't  like certain kinds of truth )  How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.  Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy    Complete 2005/2006 article archives    Specific Covers:    Dec08  |   Jan09   |  Feb09    |   Mar09    April09   May09  June09  July09  |    |   |   |   |   |  

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Fred's China Triple Play: 
Shanghai Visit Astounds Oregon Mag Editor  (China trip part one)Oregon Mag Editor's Shanghai Experiences Continued...   (China trip part two)Ormag Editor Experiences Globalization First Hand   ( China trip part three)
Oregon Connections: the Civil War: a series by Randy Fletcher
They Ran Down John Wilkes Booth (A beaut about two Oregon Civil War vets.)
Storming the Ramparts   (Up close and personal with a blizzard of lead.)
A Forlorn Hope (An Oregon Civil War hero is remembered 100 years after his death ) 
How the Civil
War Brought Wyatt Earp’s Brother to Portland   (Before the O.K. Corral)  
The Professors in Pickett’s Charge
  (War is an education in itself.)
The Forgotten Hero (Memories are made of stone.)

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