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  August 2003  Volume 3  No 8

 Dog days,they call this time.  The land is dry and quiet.  Wild horses stare at the dusty sun, trout lazily wave their tails in the deepest parts of the pool.   Blackberries reign in the fence rows and quail dance on gravel roads.

 Photo by Bob Pool Copyright 2001
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

The Milk Stool Compromise    (Taxes have legs)
Seared Lightly: Soup’s On For Kitchen Creativity
UW Makes Correct Coaching Decision
Mark Neil: Are you "loss averse?" Trouble awaits!
Victor's Secret: Air Quality Alert!
Hussein's Boys and Other Liberal Disasters
Lipscomb: Politics is Just a Hobby for the Rich
Zeiger: The Ten Commandments Exterminators

American Media Shiners:
Fun with Berlusconi and the Press
Why the Media is Hammering Bush
ABC "News" Locates Stupid General
Stupid is as Steppy Does   (These people will never learn.)

E-RFD: Globalization 
E-RFD: Southern girls are quick on the drawl
E-RFD: Claven's Buffalo Beer Theory

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
     Find your Oregon legislators  (And tell them "No more taxes!") 
Media Ferrets Out Job Loss Cause     Smith Creates Hate Crime
 Inside Features & topical links:

Sports:  UW Coach the Right One
Natural History: Ozone Layer Healing
SciTech: Nessie Ain't There
Arts&Lettres: Virtual Humans
Business: BBC Likes America
AroundOregon: Scarecrow Contest
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