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  August 2002  Volume 2  No 8

Queen Anne's Lace and Bachelor Buttons. Summer's last full-throated hurrah.  Thoughts turn toward  days that are shorter, green becoming gold and the return of college football.   Fall is nigh. 

Columbia River Gorge sunset 2002 Bob Pool
   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Civic flights of fancy in Portland:
Dysfunctional City Government
Local Wine Industry Throwing Public Party
Beware Inferior Chorizo Sausage Peddlers
The Summer of Our Discontent  (Paul Pintarich)
Sesame Street's HIV-positive Muppet 
Artist to Paint Haystack Rock 365 Times
Golf Champ Never Had a Lesson
Field Day: HAMS Head for the Hills
How Shall Africa Be Saved?  (PBS blunders)
The Brass Monkey:  Myth or Fact?
Slander!  (Ann Coulter's new book rocks the charts)
Goodbye, Good Men (Catholicism in crises)
Did Paul Harvey Really Say That?
The Joke's on the Post  (Bush snookers liberals)

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 On the editorial page:  The nation and beyond:
Can't even tell from the scorecard:
Who is what in the Governor's race?
Aiding and comforting terrorists:
Throw Farrakhan out of the country!
  Find your Oregon legislators  (And tell them "No more taxes!")
 Inside Features & topical links:
Travel: Travel Tips
Natural History: Oldest skull
SciTech: Anti-Gravity machine
Business: GM Grass: Threat or Boon?
Sports: Pete calls every Duck, Beaver game
Life&Styles: Switchng off cancer
Outdoor: Surfing for perch
  Recent  Articles
Bubba Visits Portland  (Laying down with pigs)
No Hatcheries, No Salmon  | Big Money in Rotten Veggies
A Garden of Flying Gems | Summer Lake | Backroads Beauty
Desert Deer | Vintage MotorcyclesIn the Wake of Captain Cook
Meet Me in Las Vegas,.Baby | Urban Renewal | Rotten in Troutdale
The Prince | Kill It and Grill It | Coloring the News
Who is being milked? Tillamook Schools:(and yours) | Reinhard's Folly
The Case of the Pickled Herring (OPB is murder) 
  The Classics
 Ray Bradbury  |: Ken Kesy  |: Vera Katz  | The Alaska Airlines Eskimo
 La Boheme  |  The Town Dump Truck  |  Motown Mouse  |  Jerusalem
 The Duck Hunter  |  Walt Morey A Public Comedy of Errors
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It's Only Money
Tree of the Month
The Oregon Birdman
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Media Moments
News Around Oregon
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