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A Liberal World Exposed
by Art Hyland

The mainstream media (abc,nbc,cbs,nyt,wapo,etc) rarely passes up an opportunity to publish a revealing expose about an influential group of policy makers, business leaders, the military or certainly, conservatives.  That’s their business.

But let there be a real story about the media itself, and it immediately becomes a story that never happened.  The latest example of this surrounds a huge (400 strong), invitation-only, online chat-like, very private club called JournaList, restricted by design to ONLY LIBERAL leaning members of the media.  And part of its inside discussions became known because one or more of its members decided to go public with some of its private, online chat.  OH NO, a whistleblower among an elite group who worship whistleblowers!  How could this happen to such a tight-knit group whose goals are so altruistic and pure?  You should read the public vitriol against the whistle blowing member by googling this subject.  If only we could read the private comments--we’d learn four letter words we never knew existed.

Anyway, it all began to unravel with the firing of Washington Post (WaPo) writer David Weigel, hired, ironically, to cover the conservative beat for the Post.  This position BY ITSELF begs the question: is there anyone covering the LIBERAL beat for the Post?  Answer:  No.  Anyway, he was fired because of publicly revealed internet comments he made on the above clubby online site at which he clearly indicated how biased he was toward conservatives, whose beat he was to pretend to be covering objectively.  Even worse (although not to the Post), he made occasional suggestions for his fellow 400 liberal media members to actively inhibit conservative causes through their professional work. (http://tinyurl.com/vitriol-example).  Andrew Breitbart at Big Journalism, has a theory that Weigel wasn’t liberal enough for some of the exclusive members, or maybe they thought he was a mole.  (Exclusivity always breeds suspicion.)

It’s obvious that JournoList members felt comfortable reading and/or expressing biased, unhinged comments about conservatives in this exclusive online club because the membership was very open to this.  I suppose one could argue that any group has a right to have an outlet for their private opinions, but the whistle-blown comments revealed that this online club existed for its members to compare, contrast and help develop extremely one-sided ideas and actions for its members’ daily media work, which ostensibly is to provide objective news coverage in very prominent, widely followed publications and networks.  In other words, 400 influential writers became members of a club which excludes conservatives by its own rules of membership, to enable its members to push for liberal causes by actively suppressing conservative thought, via the media venues  they work for that pretend to be objective news organizations.

The Washington Post (WaPo) knew about this online club because the club was organized and maintained by yet another of its writers, Ezra Klein.  Apparently this did not disturb WaPo management or editors because, well, many of them were members!  But then again, the WaPo was the media organization that consciously thought it needed a person to cover conservatives, while unconsciously assuming its writers and readers were already fully informed about liberal coverages since they knew, unconsciously, that virtually everyone at the WaPo was already liberal.  Is there a modifier on the masthead of the paper that indicates: The (liberal) Washington Post?  I guess we’re supposed to assume that as well.  Not being a member of the aforementioned club, I didn’t get the memo.

Well, the liberal media has now proven there is no honor among thieves.  You would have thought they might have known that.  Nothing is ever private, as only a liberal member of the media knows instinctively when it comes to conservatives.  As General McCrystal and his happy staff found out, even if you tell liberals you voted for Obama, you’re not considered liberal unless you’re a member of an exclusive club, so all those things uttered off the record were copiously recorded for broad publication.  But now even liberal media players know their private thoughts aren’t protected from exposure.  Oh well, it’s difficult when one is duplicitous and can’t rely upon truth being stifled.  

© 2010 Art Hyland