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 Oregon Magazine TM          April  2009

News, articles, essays & comment:

Can Arrogance Triumph?
(An essay about leadership by Fred Delkin, Editor)

Chapter One (from the dumbest out of print fishing book ever written)

Global Warming Strikes, Again!
April 2009 -- (Oregon is victimized by capitalist  gases.)

E-RFD: An Irish Islander’s Lucky Day (A castaway miracle)
E-RFD: Tailgate Politics (Mobile Conservative PAC)

Bernie Madoff Sleaze Balls   (X-link to site for golfers
who hate rip-off artists. A lot of folks lost their life savings to this
con job.  Everybody should hit
Bernie in the face with a
five iron !!

Semper Fidelis -- After All These Years by Paul Pintarich

Politically Correct Transportation

Coming Obama/Reid/Pelosi Gas Tax Requires
Public Transportation or This: Private autos will soon
 be counter-revolutonary products. If a bus or light rail train stop
 isn't located near your home, you'll need the only approved private
 vehicle. This is the Duck Hunter's newly-purchased Harley. It gets
 the minimum new gasoline mileage rating of 39 mpg. When grocery
 shopping, you will not be able to carry two children in the saddle bags,
so will have to get a baby sitter. Since the saddle bags will hold a maximum
 of two gallons of
milk, shopping for a family of four will
 require 26 trips to and from the supermarket. For much of
the year in Oregon, the most appropriate clothing for such
trips is a diving suit. (Harley shot by Judy Moor)

E-RFD: Geneology of Non-Floral Energy-System Post Processing
By-Product Linguistic Descriptive
(For adults, only)
April Fools (It's about perspective.)
E-RFD: Arab Mass Transit
(A view into Oregon's commuter future.)

The Republican Party: Lost in the
by J. Matt Barber

The economy:  (The reds are in the black and the blue-state black is in the red)
China's Capital Gains Tax is Zero  
(X-links. Communists adopt capitalism while capitalists turn away.)

'We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S.'...
Asks for Guarantees...
White House: 'No safer investment'....

OrMag: We owe the Chinese one trillion dollars. Mostly treasury bonds, I imagine. They've been financing our overspending Congress
for years (with all of the Bush era spending representing chicken feed compared to the recent Obama/Reid/Pelosi financial avalanche)
. It's a shame that we can't arbitrarily default on that debt. We'd have a balanced budget in 2009 and perhaps 2010, as well. China
cost us that much in Korea and Vietnam. Anyway, how about keeping the Bush tax cuts that Obama/Reid/Pelosi liberals are planning
on allowing to expire? Here's an X-link that shows why:

China February Auto Sales Rise 25% After Tax Cuts

In other economic news ...
Sen. McConnell: Budget makes USA worse than Cuba...
A thought: How about "infrastructure funds"
going to build the wall along our southern border?

LISTINGS... X-link: It couldn't happen to a better target. The NY Times, the L.A. Times -- the collapse of major American left wing newspapers
 is all around us. And, speaking of the L.A. Times, while conservative talk radio isn't the prime cause of the print decline, the Tinsel Town Daily Fishwrap
 cannot resist a string of parting shots at that media:
Recession shuts up talk radio... A shocking amount of what these large metropolitan newspapers
say these days is a load of baloney. Bear that in mind as you watch all this happening. The "facts" here serve liberal pre-conclusions. These "facts"
support what they want to be true. We doubt them at a number of levels, since the recent flak about Rush Limbaugh generated exactly the reverse
outcome described by said newspapers -- it actually increased numbers for his show. For those who are new to the English language, "increased" means
"more" listeners. And, someone should tell Portland's Lars Larson -- who began with a local show and has risen quite a bit higher -- that upward growth
 isn't in the picuture for conservative talkers, these days. (LL/OrMag)

Newspapers: “WE COULD HAVE SAVED IT, BUT. . ?”  by OrMag Contributing Editor, Paul Pintarich, who worked the police
beat, then was the poetry editor and book reviewer at the Oregonian for many years. Mr. Pintarich is not a conservative, and so sees the loss of major
American mainstream media newspapers as a sad event. This piece, which is glued together with an interview he had with Kurt Vonnegutt, is a kick to
read even for those who do not agree with his conclusions -- simply because this man is one of the finest writers in Oregon.

Illegal aliens:
Justice Dept. Investigates Sheriff Joe for Enforcing Immigration Law (X-link)

Socialized Medicine: Britain apologizes for 'Third World' hospital... (X-link)

Legislative Lunkheads:
HAM Radio Operators Restricted by Oregon Legislators?   
(This item held over from March.  We have not read the bill before they vote on it, but then who does
these days?  Nevertheless, strong rumor has it that the nanny-state crowd in Salem thinks amateur radio operators should no longer be
allowed to operate their radios while driving.  Try reporting an approaching twister under those conditions.)

Change for our Farmers:  The EPA is considering regulations to tax farmers for owning livestock, $20.00 per hog; $87.50 per beef cow,
and $175.00 per dairy cow. This would, of course, drive most small to medium farmers out of business. Next, a number of “food safety” bills recently
introduced in Congress would give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) direct control over every farm and ranch in the country and the authority to
micromanage every aspect of farm production. Most of these bills have NAIS written into them.  To get an idea what that means to people who run the
many smaller farm operations, Saturday Markets and such in the U.S. of A., you might start here: National Independant Consumers and Farmers

But, for the over view, the big picture, read Roger Hedgecock's World Net Daily column, which you will find at the following
URL: "Coming Government Takeover of Food"

Hood River Celebrates Blossom Craft Show
(Spring has sprung up the Gorge.)

New Cookbook Celebrates
Pacific Northwest Dining

Selling Your Father's Bones (a book review by Fred Delkin)

'Salishan' Proves It's More Than A Resort
(A book review by Oregon Magazine's Editor and Copublisher,
Fred Delkin)

Salishan, an Oregon historical novel, available at


Articles:   Getting to the bottom of "Bottom Fishing"      The Subject was Crabs   |    Surfing for Perch  (From the archives: Winter or summer,
 fun for beach boys)
   Books:   "History by the Glass"Enters Second Round   (Portland's classic saloons, Edition II, written by Paul Pintarich and
published by Joe Bianco.) 
|   Crooked River Country  (book review)      Oregon Fever  Joe Bianco's anthology includes feature work by some
Oregon Magazine writers, including Larry Leonard. 
  When to Jump Out of an Airplane

Fun With Science:

Artificial life 'could be created within five years'...  (X-link)
Scientists develop cellphone battery -- that can be charged in just 10 seconds! (X-link)

British Scientists to Create "synthetic" blood -- Scientists in Britain plan to become the first in the world to
produce unlimited amounts of synthetic human blood from embryonic stem cells for emergency infection-free transfusions. (X-Link)

Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough...
Climate Change news >>>>> 
Blizzard whips northern Plains; travel difficult...   (A late March example of superheated man-caused climate activity.)
Scientists meet to dispute global warming theory... (X-link) Have you noticed the whackos have
retitled their "movement?" It's now "climate change." Looking at the Muir Glacier photos, below, one would
wonder why they've come up with a new designation.
So, how does one get the truth?

Muir Glacier 1941 & 2004

The answer to your problem is simple. Well, simple for a liberal, at least, because the intellectual journey is just that for progressives.
Here is the code that will help you. A conservative uses facts to come to conclusions, where a liberal uses conclusions to come to facts.
 So, what about the glacier above? Those two photos. Of what are they proof? A liberal merely looks at them and their dates and
says, "This proves what I've been saying." A conservative -- that is, a human with a working brain -- asks questions like, "Is that what's
going on at present? Have warming and cooling periods ever happened before on Earth? If so, then was man the cause of them?" Try
the X-links just below.

Timeline results for Little Ice Age (This was after the previous "Little Ice Age" of 1300 AD. The Medieval Climate Otimum
was warmer than temperatures are now, and the Little Ice Age ended in 1850
Environmental Capital - : Little Ice
Age? Cold Snap Sparks ... (There’s snow in Baghdad, and global temperatures have seen their biggest one-year change—in this
 case, downward—in recorded history.)

In other global warming news: (X-links)

UN CLIMATE SCHEME: Reordering world economy, trillions in wealth transfer, sweeping 'industrial

Obama/Reid/Pelosi climate plan could cost $2 trillion -- nearly 3 times initial estimate...
Global Warming Archives


Pigskin Pete:

Oregon Becomes Regional 
Sports Surface HQ
(It's all about turf.)

Home on the Range::

April delicacy: Jellied Moose Nose
(Fred's Favorite Food :)

Latin Cuisine Expands Eastward in PDX
(The Matador es muy bonita)
E-RFD: Honey & Cinnamon Cure  (Health food home remedy.)

Sauce Magnate Creates Restaurant Masterpiece
Oregon Entrepreneur Finds Health Foods Very Profitable
(Bob's Red Mill is being copied by General Mills)

Decanting with Delkin:

Brazil's National Spirit    (A rum solution for hard times.) 
Washington Wine Heritage Births New Premium Label
From January:
Papa Pinot Leaves Lasting Legacy for Oregon Wines

Column archives: Pigskin Pete   |   Seared Lightly   Decanting  |   Hans Zeiger     Mike O'Brien

Feature E-RFD:

E-RFD: The Alaska Pope-mobile Incident
E-RFD:  "Mail Server Report" Virus    (If true, it's a nasty one.)

Pelosi is Kissed by a Star    (House Speaker has America in a can.)

Congressional Money Saving Proposal   (Charity begins at home.)
Congress Gives Itself Raise...     (external info link topically related to the above E-RFD)
General Cosgrove 
(An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)
To Kill an American   (An Aussie hits the nail on the head.)

A Soldier in Iraq   |   Freezing Balls Off Brass Monkeys   |   The Ballad of the Subway Violin   |   New Taxes   |  


"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"  
                         -- Edmund Burke

AFA to sponsor TEA parties in 1000 cities on April 15

TUPELO, MS - American Family Association (AFA) says it is planning Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rallies in 1,000 cities and towns
on April 15.  The TEA parties will be held at noon in front of city halls across the country.  AFA is only one of many organizations planning TEA
party rallies.  April 15 was chosen because that is the day income tax returns are due. “We developed as an Internet
site for information
," said AFA chairman, Donald E. Wildmon.  "We want to send a message to Washington.  We cannot spend our way out
of debt, and we find it immoral to pile debt on our great-grandchildren. It appears that this situation is above the pay grade of President
Obama and Congress, whose only solution is to spend more money on the problem
.”  (American Family Association is a pro-family advocacy
organization with over 2.5 million online supporters.

GEORGE WILL: The Toxic Assets We Elected...    (X-link: A rocker made of logic and good writing.)
And, another hottie by George: 03/29/09  (Can congress violate constitutional "Separation of powers?")
Specter to oppose 'card check,' says conservative group...   (X-link: Fighting change we don't need.)

Conservatism in Exile   (An X-link.  Co-publisher, Bruce Harmon, ran into this, recently.  It is a political discussion page from
last fall.  Without most of the cheap insults one gets on the radical left-wing sites like those financed by George Soros, it nevertheless feels like
the mirror image of them.  Strong stuff, in other words. However, some of the predictions, here, have already come true.  With respect to the
points raised on this page, we offer the two quotes immediatly below.)


"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the
bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will
spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United
States where men were free."
    - President Ronald Reagan
Our wager is that if you asked every graduating Oregon high school senior the following question, not a hundred in
the entire state could answer it correctly.   Here is the question
: What are the  Federalist Papers ?  And, just out of
curiosity, can you answer  the question? -- LL/OrMag


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