Mr. Perez’ Fatal Mistake  (Rampant stupidity in Portland)
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             April 2004  Volume 4  No 4

 Flowers in bowers 'neath hours of showers. Petals to the metal, spring takes the green flag and races to change the face of the land.  It's a nicer face.  Trout like it..

   Articles, fiction and poetry:

Portland Growth Planning Draws International Panel   (Delkin seems to like the idea)
Steve Schopp on Reforming Metro  (It sure as hell needs it.)
Cox: The Evil of the Minimum Wage
 Whose Side is Gordon Smith on?
Erickson Wins Baghdad Bob Award for Second Time
Neil: Looking to Retire? Be Careful About Your Plans
Zeiger: Discriminating against the Boy Scouts
Education in America: Prince Marries Prince   (external link)
More Lies From the Bureaucrats Your Taxes Support
Earlier Lies: Is This Who You Want Choosing Your President?
Oregon Cheesemakers Have Gone Gourmet
Snooseville Loggers Hold Annual Fish Festival
Senator Kerry Made Rich by Job Outsourcing
 The Kerry Kronicles
Kerry Sat On FAA 911 Hijack Warning   (external link)
Kerry's Campaign Asked a Veteran to Change Story
Dear Senator Kerry ...   (Walter Cronkite vs. Oregon Magazine)
Thomas Lipscomb's VVAW Story Spreading    (WSJ link)
 Kerry Kountry Archives
Kerry Campaign Website Riddled With Expletives
Kerry Called Agent a S.O.B. After Slope Spill 
Did Kerry Quit VVAW Before or After the Assassination Vote?
John Kerry: Vietnam's answer to Audie Murphy?
 The New Marriage
Gay Rites Could Elect Bush (Remember the Portland Four, from March issue)

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  On the editorial page:  Kerrry's 911 Record Ignored

 Inside Features & topical links:

SciTech: Getting rocks off Mars
Natural History: Early Seas Lacked 02
Outdoors:  Fishing reports  (N.OR & SW WA in circa 4/3)
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