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Decanting With Delkin
A Toast to Ernest, Who
Turned America Wineward  By Fred Delkin

 Pigskin Pete:
Mouse Returns to Join
PSU Football Revival

An advertisement that could save your life

Kick the habit in the teeth

There are certain storms in life that look like they have no end -- certain seas that seem too great to cross.  Addiction to alcohol or  other drugs creates just such personal vistas, but they are false.  Believe it when we say there are blue skies and calm seas if you want to find them. Today, perhaps, would be a good day for you, or someone you care about, to begin the journey to better times with the acclaimed, non-profit ...
Serenity Lane Treatment Center for alcohol and other drug dependencies  Oregon only: 1-800-826-9285  National: 1-800-543-9905

Photo Essayist Applies
Humor to Oregon Scenes
by Fred Delkin

Herman Krieger grew up in Detroit, became a photo technician in the Air Corps, earned a mathematics degree from UC Berkeley, then worked for three decades in Europe as a  computer programmer, before retiring to Oregon and earning a fine arts degree at the  University of Oregon. Now he applies a well-tuned sense of humor to caption his photo essays on the Oregon hinterland. (Photo of Herman is a hotlink to his webste.)

Roosevelt or Reagan? USA Needs to Choose  (Will the future America be left or right handed?)

April IQ Test    Stretch your gray matter.


This is a 5 Meg Hard Disk in 1956. In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data.  Start appreciating your 4 GB memory stick!
Held Over: Global Warming Proves Martians Drive SUV's    (Shrinking south polar cap has enough water ice to cover the entire planet in an ocean 36 feet deep.)  Hubble photo

Facts Not Fear on Air Pollution 
Air pollution has been declining for decades across the United States, yet most Americans still believe air pollution is a growing problem and a serious threat to their health. The reason: most information on air pollution from environmentalists, regulators and journalists – the public’s main sources for information on the environment – is false. Air quality in America’s cities is better than ever. (Source)

Mar07:  |  Regarding the Tomb of Jesus Documentary   (Let's have another!)   |  March Ideal Time For Multi-tasking B.C. Trip   (Photo at left is a hotlink to "In Vancouver," a good info source.  More links will be found in the article, itself.)
Feb07:  Marine Corps General Offers Pertinent Apology  By Lt. General Chuck Pitman, USMC Retired  (Irony Ave. meets Sarcasm St.)    | Union Civil War Vets Honored In Eugene Pioneer Cemetery
Jan07:  Aquarium Biologists Watch a Rare Hatch  (Wolf Eels, no less)    |   Local Guide Chronicles Memorable Texas Hunt  (Editor: Author Brody, reports in this account of a recent West Texas predator hunt)

E-RFD: U.S. Attorney General an Illegal Alien?
E-RFD: Oregonian Anti-initiative Campaign  (RAZ rants)
E-RFD: Clinton Trade Policy   (Pigs are people, too)
E-RFD: Banner Dreams   (Hoisting symbolic petards)
E-RFD:  M37 and bright ed board?  (Steve grinds on Reinhard)
E-RFD:  Who Exactly has caused Global Warming -- Tree Hugging Environmentalists  (Geopell is hard on hippies)
March 2007 E-RFDs -- E-RFD: Not So Fond-a Fonda  (What goes around comes around.)
E-RFD: What Thomas Jefferson learned from the Muslim book of jihad  (History from the shores of Tripoli)
E-RFD: FW: Letter to the Editor About Immigration   (Immigration then vs. immigration, now.  Different strokes when we're talking about different folks.
E-RFD: President Hillary   (Some people think the idea isn't a joke.)

Jan/Feb E-RFDs in this section on March cover


The New York Times: All the News That’s Fit to Slant   By J. Matt Barber

"Now, just why in the HELL do I have to press '1' for English?" 

February 2007:   Scientists doubt global warming:  Drudge Report: 2/04/07
December 2006:     Beware of "Legal Pluralism"  About a sleeping legal nuke:  |  Judge Strikes Down Bush on Terror Groups   President Bush smells some foreign rats operating in America, and judges loved by the people who will take over Congress next month get busy trying to block him.. 
November 2006:  E-RFD: Oregon's New Flag   (A citizen is unhappy with election results.)

Earlier:   Senator Reid's Real Estate Windfall  WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1  million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.  (External link)

How To Pick the Next President of the U.S.   |   Blue Oregon: The Secular Theocracy

  Out of the past ...

March 2007 cover  Complete 2005/2006 article archives
  Social Security:

 The Dirty Little Secret  | Where is the Social Security Trust Fund, and Why Didn't Hockberg and DeFazio Reveal its Location to the People of Coos Bay?   (The horrid truth about who pays when you cash a government bond.)

 The Hispanic Education Myth

 Ken's "Congress"   (So you contribute to PBS?  Did you know you are buying lies?)
 Our Times

Grizzly Man: The Death of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

  Column archives:

Pigskin Pete:

March 07  PSU Grid Program Given New Life  (Pigskin Pete is delighted!)
February 07 Ducks Grid Recruiting Among Nation’s Top 10  (Endless autumn)
January 07:  Beavers Earn Redemption, Ducks Create Disaster  (Pete reacts to bowl games, etc.) Pigskin Surprise: Oregon Connections Shine In Fiesta Bowl Spectacular


December:  Ducks, Beavers Making Minor Bowl Appearances   |  Subject: FW: grid matters     Date:  Fri, 15 Dec 2006 21:32:24 +0000 

November:  Pac10 Shaken Up By Beaver Gridders   |   Surprise! UO, OSU Even in Pac10 Race   |   Reality Returns To Oregon Elevens

October 2006 was hard on Pete:  UO, OSU Grid Results Show Sharp Contrast   |   (Here's what he had to say about this extraordinary football season in September. Here We Go Again!...Colleges Ready For Some Football    (plus early update)   |  Pigskin Pete: Mid-October Update: Grid Season Halfway, What’s Happening?  Pigskin Pete: Late-October Update  Pac10 Football’s Current Status   Pigskin Pete: Very Late-October Update Ducks Done In, Beavers Alive

Some earlier columns:  Football Forecasters Show Unusual Unanimity  (July)   | OK, So What’s So  Great About Soccer?   (June)  | College Grid Season Ends With Classic   (January)


Ducks Victimized Again by BCS
Fearless Grid Forecaster Says "Told You So"
Oregon Ducks Face Major Grid Hurdle
Ducks Lose Fortitude, Fail to Justify Forecast  (Post USC game thoughts)
Fearless Grid Forecaster Proves Perspicacity So far for 2005
Fearless Football Forecast Precedes Pac 10 Season
Pac 10 Spring Grid Drills Lead to Fearless Forecast
Sports Scene Survey As Off-seasons Begin
Beaver Grid Program Continues to Implode
Oregon State Football Needs Better Leader
Oregon Schools Score Well In Prep Recruiting Efforts
Oregon Celebrates National Gridiron Championship

Seared Lightly:
Here’s A Delicious Way To Honor Crab Season
Recipes For Savoring Local Shellfish Bounty
 Reviewing Recipes  (Plus Unique Cookbook Offer)
Oyster Lovers Rejoice!  NW Shores Abound 
New Seafood Guidelines For Informed Consumption

3/07  Oregon Restaurants Earn National Wine Honors
The Magic of Zinfandel– The All-American Grape
Technology Triumphing With Revolution in Wine Closure
Second Generation Expands Dundee Winery Leadership
Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive!  Enjoy!
Newport Judging Results Precede Weekend Festival
New Oregon Distiller Enters Vodka Market
Americans Embrace Wine According to 2005 Sales
Northern Neighbors Finally Give Pinot Noir its Due 
USA Younger Generation Embracing Wine Over Beer
Oregon Wine Entrepreneur Falters in New Zealand

Hans Zeiger:
 Optimisticonservatism    |   Students vs. Professors Dred Scott II   |  Boy Scouts Emergency   |   Young Christians Rising    |  What’s Wrong with the Boy Scouts?  |   Scouting and America   |  The Fourteenth Generation   |   Roe Babies and Reagan Babies   |  Reagan’s Children Blog  |   This Year's Most Important Congressional Primary   |  Reagan’s Children Rising   |   Christ at Commencement  |   Combating Boredom    |   (Reader's note: (2/07) Hans, who began writing columns in his teens, is in college, and for the time being is eschewing the carefree life of the columnist in an effort to possibly learn something. So, the work here is a kind of archive.)

Michael O'Brien:
Nothing Less Than Miraculous   |  Small Change of Direction  |  Operators on duty now
Hayward offers fine rewards  |  Megan Heckeroth:The stuff of dreams   |   Bob McGillivray 1922-2005   |  A Walk in an Oregon Fall, Plus Dog | The things we see    |    Between the Lines: Somehow they manage their best

Michael O'Brien Departs This Life:  In November, Michael O'Brien, one of the finest journalists in Oregon, passed away.  Below, find his last three pieces for this magazine, and a fourth on the subject of small town sports which  proves the superlatives we have used to describe him. He worked for the Tillamook paper for years.  In our opinion none of the far better known "talents" presently working at the larger metropolitan newspapers in this state have a fraction of the talent he had.  Friday Night Legends, next, is journalism as literature. Friday Night Legends & Small Town Heroes   |    Mike's last series:Chemo day one: Life is Just a Bowl of Steroids   | Chemo round two - The King and I   |   Settlin’ in for the ride
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