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September 2006 

Three Things to Think About: Cows, the Constitution and the Ten CommandmentsCommon sense applied to modern problems.
E-RFD: Superintendent Receives $25,000 Stipend for Extra Work  More amazing information from Steve Schopp about the botch job that is Oregon public education.
E-RFD: Darwin Comes to Mind  Wherein the New York Stock Exchange and coastal schools seem to be facing the same forces.
1492? Forget  It!  Author  Proves China Preceded European Explorers In Sailing & Charting Our Seven Seas  (Delkin believes they landed here!)

Mid-Summer 06

August 2006
America's Mainstream Media:  A Perfect Guide to Doing Things Right   Many years ago I often heard references to a man named Wrong Way Corrigan.  I suspect it was something out of WWII, but I don't know that for a fact.  These days  it is a title which could accurately be attached to outfits like the New York Times and CBS.

History Channel KKK Program a Fraud   The show on the Klan was a lie in that it was a whitewash via omission of Democrat sins.
Antarctic Snowfall Snafu Derails Climate Models  (external link) Past measurements of Antarctic snowfall look to have been inaccurate, casting a shadow of uncertainty over a number of  high-profile climate models and their associated projections.
Concerning the Recent Hezbollah Victory  Bush: 'If I were Hezbollah, I'd be claiming victory, too... [They've] got a fantastic propapanda machine'   (and) The Reuters Lie: "Supporters of Lebanon protest outside Israeli consulate in NY"
Lieberman is About the Future  Even the Mainstream Media Admits the Truth.  Essay includes a postscript about the meaning of Joe's primary loss.
E-RFD: Application to Rescind American Citizenship
Of Pipers and Pay: The Feds Call the Tune and Oregon Dances    A well known legislator makes a lot of sense.
Of the People and By the People  Wherein Steve Schopp and the RAS  bring the constitutional concept of self-government alive in Oregon.
Ford Chooses Portland to Intro New Hybrid Vehicle  Wherein our editor points out that Ford was looking for a green state, and found one.
Outdoor Guide Claims 100 Fish a Day Possible !!   Mac Huff guides on the East side of the Cascades.  He sent this promotional email the other day and got our attention with that boast.  If the fish are of any size, what a day that would make for the fur and feather barbless boys.
July, 2006
Governor Kulongoski's Bum Biennial Budget An Oregon legislator of some importance doesn't like the numbers.
Hello World...Wake Up To World War III! Our editor, Fred Delkin, has been watching events in the Middle East.
Democrats Display Titanic Hypocrisy  Wherein we examine all but the reason why they 
are blind to what they are saying.   (Related story follows.) 
Democrat Corpse Twitching  Bob Dylan told us it was happening 
The Decline of the Democrats is almost Complete

E-RFD: A Traitor is About to be Honored      Hopefully this information will someday reach the sight and mind of Hanoi Jane. How well I remember reading about her wonderful visit to Vietnam! Today I see her on TV and get sick to my stomach when I hear others give her honor. What a tragic example of an American! 
Bad Thinking Produces Unintended Consequences  Wherein Ross Smith compares what liberals think they are doing to what actually happens when they do it - and requests divine forgiveness on their behalf.

Early Summer 06

June 2006
Tribal Program Preserves Native Language, Culture
Lonesome Land Inspires Dramatic Chronicle
E-RFD: The Source of Your Rights
E-RFD: Peaceful Islamic Demonstration in England

Late spring 06

Vancouver, B.C. Beckons as Economical Destination  Folks here on the northwest left coast too often fail to realize that a rather exotic foreign destination is but a short drive up the freeway. 
On the Edge: Guests or Gate Crashers IandII(Roger Edgington's pick for the best recent writing about this illegal aliens business -- two columns by Thomas Sowell.) 
NW Oregon's Decade of  Dumb Decisions:
Local Politicians Need Wakeup Call at Polls    There were hordes of Portland area citizens gathered recently to demonstrate in a riverside park named for an enlightened politician who surely would have decried their stated motivation. 

March 06

St. Paul City Office Boots Easter Bunny
What's Missing in the Media's Pellicano File (Hillary who?)
Iran, the Bomb and the Cowboy   (A future easy to predict)
The Age Demanded: Political Poetry In Our Time (Rhymes out of the past)

Grizzly Man: The Death
of an Idiot    (Bears dine alfresco)

Pappy Boyington Shot Down     (Part two of the Tom Lipscomb letter just below)
Lipscomb: Now I know why Washington State regularly elects lunatics to office (An expatriate remembers that Paris didn't have better days.)
Al Gore Trashes America   (The former VP makes a bad stand in the sand.)

3 Oregon stories
E-RFD: Ample response to naysayers (Schopp talk)
Carl Click and KATU-TV Win the Baghdad Bob Award
E-RFD: Investment or Insanity  (The cost of schools. The ras is amazed by the singlemindedness of our governor, and the odd myopia of the state's largest newspaper.)

February 06

Estrich: A Professor of Eminent Domain This all happened because for decades, "progressive" policies have infested America.  It is a plague upon all our major cities. The amazing thing is its influence on people whose educational credentials, at least, indicate that they should have the brains to know better. 
The Real Cost of Google's Sell-out to China (An Oregon lad who made it in the Big Apple and runs with the digital crowd here on the Left Coast, Thomas Lipscomb knows his internet stuff.)
E-RFD: Fool me Twice?  (RAS smokes the fishwrapper)
Should Government Subsidize Detroit?  (Questions which arise.)
An Oregon Author: Attorney Pens Entertaining Tale

 January 06

AARP is Just Another Liberal Front  (Here's an alternative)
Is George Bush Listening in on Your Phone Line?  (Once more the big press has misled America.)
Intelligent Design: Regarding Science and Religion
Pacific Northwest Leads TV College Grid Ratings

E-RFD:An ABC Message You Have to Read   (Gay agenda) and Hopping Beds a Feature of Portland Development


The Peculiar Peculations of PECUSA
Syriana: Hollywood Eyes 2006  (Bolshevik film   components) 
Linnman and Blumenauer: Mission Baloney
President Kong: Art Imitates Life  (Hollywood symbolism flickers) 
 Castillo Finally Notices Her Surroundings?  ( ras smacks Suzie)   |
It Ain't Our Fault   (The old folks at home take umbrage) 
Northern Bootstraps  ( Different strokes for northern folks)
House Vote Confirms Bush War Policy  (Dem's bluff called) 
Iraq Shines, Oregonian Bias Shocking  (Fishwrapper stinks) 
Iraqis Flip Pelosi the Purple Finger  (Or is it blue this time?)
Educators Rob Students in Oregon
Highway Robbery Continues   (E-RFD: Schoppon the road)
Hiding the Truth About the Wal-Mart War  (E-RFD: ras nails the Big O)

Autumnal Meanderings:
Scooter Libby Charged With Revealing Ship Movements?
Meet the Press: A Plague in a Bubble
Judge Alito Will be Confirmed
Lipscomb: Is Keller an 'Executive Editor' or 'Editorial Observer'?
Disease Takes Second Place to Political Correctness
PBS: Frontline Defends Infanticide
Columns of Entropy Rise Over Paris

It's more money after bad for The Unstoppable Parasite   (Wherein municipal management of suburban development produces serial disaster.)
Russert Joins Bush Haters, Participates in Blatent Propaganda   (Sunday News King shows his colors.)
John Becker Delivers Saturday Morning Press Pap
CBS: The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Political Correctness: Blacks Trash Blacks

Woman's Revenge Colorfully Chronicled   (Fred Delkin review)
E-RFD: New Elementary Particle Discovered
Press Reaction to Bennett Remarks Indicate Bias and Low Intellect
Delay Indictment Signals the End of Conservative Power in America?
The Leftwing Media is Walking Through a Minefield 
KGW and the Oregonian Earn October's Baghdad Bob Journalism Award
Clooney Murrow Movie a Film Flam  (McCarthy was right)
 E-RFD:  Finally James Mayer on oped pages  (Pressing Matters)
A Body of Pathologists and Other Collectives   (Groupies)

KOIN Misses the Journalistic Point on Gay Marriage
Child Slaves of West Africa Generated by Capitalism?
Anti-liberal Children's Book Generates Expected Comment
 Oregon Fever Features Northwest Authors   (Literary review by Delkin)
Katayama Wins September's Baghdad Bob Award  (Labor Day Lunkhead)

Ferryman Left the Truth Standing on the Dock
Pete Ferryman Just Took the Boat to Journalism Hell
Melissa McDermott and the Foreign Affairs Expert
Lipscomb on New Orleans: The Machine Stops
CBS is a Class Five Storm of Baloney  (A hurricane of BS)
Bush Blood in New Orleans Waters: Press Piranha Feeding Frenzy
Hurricanes, global warming, looters and gasoline prices
Concerning the"victims"of Hurricanes

Bogus Media, At Home and Abroad
Iraqi Constitution: KGW Still in Need of a Journalist
Bill Frist Aborts Own Future Political Life?
Wyden and Linnman: Political Cuddlebuddies in Oregon Energy Scam?
Is Mr. Roberts Really Your Best Friend?  (New blood for Supremes)

Mid-Summer essays:
KOIN: Lies Are Not To the Point  (editing presidents)
E-RFD Whitcomb: This is interesting, and a warning?
Stuck Pigs and Roving Reporters  (What's all the squealing about?)
A vote for Janice Brown  (Adieu O'Conner, hello to blood in the streets)

Deep Throat Revisited   A short walk down memory lane.  Alger Hiss. Richard Nixon. G.W. Bush.  Al Gore.  Tom Brokaw.  Don Imus.  Woodward and Bernstein.  And of course the long hidden source whose  information led to the only presidential resignation in the history of this nation.

Helen Raptis Wins Baghdad Bob Journalism Award   |   When is a Filibuster NOT a Filibuster?    |   PBS' Shining Hour    |  Oregon's Governor Awakes to War   |  Something is Rotten in Oregon

Medford: AMERICAN FLAG TAKEN DOWN IN ORDER NOT TO "OFFEND"    (Political Correctness run amok in Southern Oregon -- the headline above is an external link to a tale of the depth to which some so-called Americans sink, these days. Remember who your governor is when you read it.)

Bob Schieffer Compares Gitmo to Hanoi Hilton (on KUIK)
Global Warming While June Snows Fall?  (NY Times snow job)
Terence Smith and the Big Media Apologists  (PBS bloviating)
Book Review: Travel Has Gone to the Dogs
Pintarich:  How to Tickle Trout   (a poem)

Delay Fracas Spreads Travel Jitters
'NAM: What We Won  by Thomas H. Lipscomb
The Challenge Facing Young Americans (Contains '68 student mems)
Newsweek Lied and People died  (A bumper sticker?)
Press Blames Bush, Defends Newsweek  (Empty heads prevail)
IRS Used Against Political Enemies? Dems Attempt Coverup  (ext link)
Playing With Food at the U.N.  (Why the UN needs Bolton, by Tom Lipscomb)

PBS: Lying to You About Judicial Votes  (Rules trumping law.)
OPB/PBS: A Moment of Shocking Honesty
Shall We Force Pharmacists to Kill Babies?  (Liberals say yes.)
The Senate's Nuclear Option: Giving the Dems the Purple Finger
Spring Break Awaits Just to Your North  (Canada, eh?)
Bonfire of Compassion  (Oregon Politics as seen by Tom Cox)
PBS: Weeping For Emma  (Toxic airwaves)
Linnman Wins Second Baghdad Bob Award
Oregon Firm Prospers With Innovative Ideas
Bush Wins Second National Election in Three Months !!!
Drowning in Cambodia    (Kerry supplied weapons to communist guerillas?)
They Shoot Commies Don't They?   (Gender, Lies and Videotape)
Iraq vs.Oregon: The Real Killing Fields are Green
United Nations Biosphere Reserve Land Grabs
Big Media Dinosaurs Face Extinction by J. Matt Barber
Washington Week in Wonderland
Public Broadcasting's Coral Reef Fraud   (Thar they blow!)
Linnman Wins Baghdad Bob Award  (the January edtion)
President's Policy Produced Palestinian Polls
Viewpoint: Kulongoski's Last Stand   (Concerning clarity and understanding)
G.W. Bush and the Latest Media Buzz  (A matter of pride)
Rock Star Judges Usurp Power for Fame   by John T. Plecnik  (Read by Rush on 3/31)
Fineman Still Can't Face the Truth
Terence Smith and the Hole in the Wall Media Gang
Why John Kerry Lost   by Thomas Lipscomb
The Attack on the Lunchroom   (What it really means)
Cell Phones on Commercial Flights?   (Air travel and New Math)
Moyers: The Filament Flares at the End  (Puff the Lefty dragon)

Why Rathergate and Easongate Are Still Open If the mainstream media can't investigate its own screw-ups, no wonder they don't understand why the public increasingly doesn't trust them to investigate anything.  By Thomas Lipscomb
E-RFD Iraq: Some Things Teddy and the Talking Heads Haven't Mentioned
Saddam's Nukes: BBC Confirmed it in 2004
Click on the headline, which is an external link.  The answer has been sitting at that location on the intenet for more than a year.  The next time you hear one of the Dan Blather types or Ted Kennedy types flapping their jaws about how the president lied, remember this.  Saddam didn't buy any nuclear material?

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